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Pocket Family – Design and Enjoy Your Very Own Dreamhouse

Many children grew up with doll houses, or some form of miniature house that mimicked real life. It had all the rooms, the furniture, the small details that you would find in an everyday household. I think what fascinated people so much about having a miniature version of a house was just how small you could make things, and that you could also pretend to have a household buzzing in just the way you wanted.

With technology, you can now have the same, digitally. Pocket Family – My Dream House brings the Pocket Family activity into a dream home setting, where you get to setup your dream house by reviving an old mansion. The app is free to download and comes with in-app purchases to help you along.

The best part about the app is that you get to design and decorate every room per your personal preferences. There are also characters that you manage, each having their own personalities, and each will interact with you. There are games to play, puzzles to solve, and an abundance of activities to participate in, there will be ample amounts of things to do to keep you entertained.

Each character has its own “power up” that is related to their personality. These power-ups will help you solve the various puzzles you will encounter. Along the way, there will be adorable characters like pets and friends that you can collect.

On the decorating side, the app features a huge selection of elements from which to choose to enhance your space: unique wallpapers, flooring options, interactive décor that updates your mansion and makes it stand out from the rest. It’s an opportunity to test out or live out your decorating acumen, because sometimes in real life, we just don’t get the opportunity.

As part of renovations, you can put your family members to work cleaning, fixing, and refurbishing and refurnishing. To refurnish, you have to complete a series of puzzles in which you match items. Every win earns you stars and coins, which help in the refurnishing exercise. Coins can also be used to buy boosts or lives and also allow you to invite characters to your home. Stars provide you the power to clean rooms, repair broken drywall or floors, and to replace furniture.

A big bonus is that Pocket Family – My Dream House can be played offline, so you can be just about anywhere and still play.

I found the presentation of the house to be a little crowded, which is understandable because it’s showing all floors at the same time. I wonder if it would be more fun and easier to enjoy if the app could display one floor at a time?

For anyone who is looking for a game that simulates what is was like to have your own dollhouse or miniature home for you to build up and take care of, Pocket Family – My Dream House is the perfect fit.

get it on google playRating: 8/ 10
Price: Free

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