Kumoku – A Challenging Board Game for iPhones

Fun, engaging and comprehensive!

Gaming is something which is enjoyed by young and old, alike. Feeling the rush of the game in the heart while playing a game is one of the greatest ways for one to relax and have fun. A game might qualify to be a lifelong companion and friend, if you decide to traverse in the smart way.

Kumoku, developed by Peragames, is one of the challenging board games, where you actually don’t need to crack much of your brain initially. This makes it all the more interesting. One wins the game if one gets nine pieces or balls in 3*3 array (row, column, diagonal, and matrix). One point is secured against each three in a row, be it xxx / 000.

Many game modes are available. It can be you against the computer or you against another player using the Kumoku app, or also the computer against itself. The latter one is usually the tutorial mode where you get to learn the tricks of winning the game. The latest version added a Retina display and a background theme to add essence to the play. It also added three new boards. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad with iOS 4.3 or later. Currently, it is available in only English, but maybe it will have other languages also, so that people speaking different languages can also enjoy this gaming app.


The app borrows a few minor elements from SUDOKU and TIC-TAC-TOE. The game does not respond properly to titling for a few iPhone devices. There has not been anything too much of a concern so far about Kumoku. However, the user should ensure they they check the game requirements before downloading the game, for instance memory requirement and iOS support.

There are different colors you can choose for your board- Cyan, Blue, Green, 3D-Glass, 3D-Wood, and other colors. There are different game modes, One player, Two player and Auto +. Your current game is secured automatically and when you reopen the app, you can retrace the last level you reached. So, you do not have to start from the zeroth level all over again!


There are three different difficulty levels; easy for the amateurs, normal for the novice, and hard for the genius. It shows the most recent moves with a different colored x or o. There are sound effects to make the game more fun. The game includes an example section showing seventy three Kumoku patterns. Even you can make those patterns on your board to bag the price. A rules section is available to help explain the format of the game with intracacy. There is an option to help you in the next move. The HINT button can be tapped which is present just below the playing board.

Brain power can be improved while having fun. The only issues with Kumoku is that it lacks a proper description of how the game continues after the filling up of the boxes and the way the game ends. Restarting with a new game is great, but there’s zero description about how the computer plays the game. The game ends abruptly. Trial and error is the only way to continue the arrangements of the “Xs” and “Os”. Its similarity with other well known board games is a disadvantage.

Apart from a few random crash problems, Kumoku has an issue of individuality. Often people highly accustomed to games like SUDOKU and TIC-TAC-TOE, may not find it interesting. However, it is seamless to operate. So if you love board games, at 0.99$, this game is sure worth giving a try!

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