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Crunches Numbers You Speak! 

We’re all on the go, driving somewhere, doing things, and oftentimes, the day is easier to handle when you can get the little things done faster, and in an easier way. Ever use your smartphone calculator in the middle of the store and wish there were a faster way to tell it what to do, rather than have to type it all in?

Speech Calculator Pro 2 is all that, and more. Created by SER_INT, the same outfit that brought a previous version of the app, this new app is a reset of the old. Sure, they could have just published an update of the previous app, but with careful consideration to user feedback which has skillfully been incorporated into a better design, Speech Calculator Pro 2 offers a whole new look and feel that is faster and far more accurate.

Speech Calculator Pro screenshot

With speech support powered by Nuance, you know that the app can process your voice with accuracy and ensure intended calculations will be understood and carried out correctly. When you first download the app, it gives a simple, yet informative page of how to use it. There are simple functions that you can reveal by swiping either one or two fingers in either direction. The main calculator shows all the basic numbers, including simple memory functions. Swipe left with one finger on any row on the calculator, and it will reveal a new set of buttons, or functions.

At the very top, you will find two small icons: one is for App Settings, and the other icon, which looks like a spray can, allows you to change the “look” of your app. The basic background of the app is black with white buttons. You can change the look to be hot pink, instead of black.

Speech Calculator Pro 2 screenshot 2

Under Settings, you can change sound settings for the buttons, turning it ON or OFF when tapping buttons. You can also turn the Speak Buttons ON or OFF, which allows you to hear each button’s name when you tap on it. You can also change the language in which you wish the app to work. This new app supports over 34 languages and accents, five of which are currently in Beta.

How do you use the app? Well, let’s say you want to calculate the savings you’ll reap because something is on sale by 15% and its costs $15.99. You open up your app, and speak to it: “fifteen point ninety nine times point one five.” This calculation will give you the amount by which the item will be discounted.

Not having seen this app’s older brother, I am not sure as to how much improvement this app provides or what the issues were with the previous app. However, I can say that in this app, it is a bit unintuitive when trying to delete digits and such. The opening page instructs users to swipe left with one finger to delete a digit, but most calculator users are used to a button labeled ‘C’ to clear numbers, not just delete digit by digit. This minor issue with the app can slowly be diverted and digested through repeated use.

Yet, overall, it provides sound value when you need to quickly crunch numbers. As a free app, Speech Calculator Pro 2 is a handy tool that anyone can use on the go or while at work to help you make a calculation, hands-free.

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