ccPing – Instant Messaging that is Securely Sent

This app is simply powerful! 

With so much data spanning the airwaves these days, many users are now slowly becoming aware of the dangers in sending sensitive information over the internet. Instant messaging provides for timely communication, allowing users to send quick bits of information when it’s needed. You may need someone’s phone number or address, or maybe you need to tell someone you won’t be home for a few hours. Send that type of message as an IM message or even email, and hackers who track data may be able to detect your whereabouts, or know if your home is empty.

Taking advantage of the power of the internet means using it wisely. Most messages sent through IM are usually harmless and cannot lead people into trouble. However, during those times when you want to send something sensitive to someone, that you don’t want snooping eyes to see, know that you can count on ccPing to send it securely. This app was created by Theta Software Lab to make messaging more meaningful and secure, so users did not have to worry about a message being read by unintended eyes or be left on servers on which they did not belong.

ccPing screenshot

ccPing comes chock full of features that users will love. First off, chat sessions can include both secure and unsecured messages. Each chat session has a title and you can assign it a password. Share both with your recipient(s) so they can access locked messages. Within a chat session, messages can be normal or locked. Locking is performed by tapping on the lock at the top of the screen. When you lock a message, it is encrypted and sent. The reader must decrypt it by typing in the password assigned to that chat session.

Next, messages are auto-destroyed. This means there is no more worry of people going back into message logs and reading what you may have sent a few days or a few hours ago. Auto-destruct can be set up to destroy messages between 60 to 300 seconds following the time they are read. Chat and access your secure messages from almost any device. ccPing has a desktop version to complement its iPhone version, so you can be just about anywhere and still stay connected.

ccPing screenshot

Secure deletion allows you to quickly take back what you say. Imagine you sent a message and realized you did not want the recipient to read it. You have until the message is read to get into the server and delete it. It will be removed from the recipient’s device as well as from the server.

You can send voice memos and files. This means you can record and send messages, take snaps of what you are up to, and instantly share it. These memos and photos are also deleted per the auto-destruct if it is setup. If you use ccPing to share documents, know that they can be backed up in Cloud storage using Dropbox or on the ccPing servers, depending on what you choose. Additional Cloud storage media will be made available in future versions.

At a glance, this app is simply powerful. It could stand to offer a fully locked chat session, so that individual messages do not have to be continuously locked and then unlocked. That can get cumbersome. However, it may be that the session may get overloaded with overhead. However, in terms of value, this app offers more than you can expect from any other IM app.

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