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Best Nursery Rhyme and Lullaby App for Your Child – Nursery Rhymes & Kid Lullabies

As a parent of toddlers or preschoolers, the best way to enjoy your break is by keeping them engaged momentarily with rhymes. It so happens that every time they watch YouTube or a free video streaming platform, ads annoy them and hinder their seamless watching experience. Worst case, while trying to skip an ad, they get redirected to an inappropriate adult site or unknowingly trigger a series of junk app installations. If there were an app that is absolutely ad-free and offers videos carefully selected by real-life educators for your kid, wouldn’t your install it right away?

Nursery Rhymes & kid Lullabies is a Music & Audio play store app developed by Magikbee. The app features 1000+ specialist curated songs for early-aged children that are 100% kids-safe and free of ads. Every week, they add new fun videos.

The kid-safe app features videos under four popular categories, namely

  • Popular songs – Pinkfong Baby shark, Old MacDonald had a farm, The Wheels on the Bus, Five Little Monkeys, The Finger Family, and every popular rhyme that comes to your mind.
  • Baby lullabies – The choicest collection of lullabies will lull your baby to sleep and contribute to their language and cognitive development.
  • Nursery rhymes – Children who regularly listen to rhymes develop an ear for the language, understand syllables the right way and ultimately learn to read.
  • ABC phonics – Watching Nursery Rhymes & kid Lullabies app develops their reading comprehension and helps them decode the pronunciation of words the fun way.

The app also offers kids’ shows like Pinkfong, LingoKids, 44 Cats, Tutitu, Lea and Pop, Singsong Band, and more. Should you find a kids’ show or rhyme educational and would like your kid to watch it, you can create a customized playlist for them. All content is licensed and selected by real-life educators to ensure quality and safe viewing. 

Worried that your child may be getting too much screen time? Under the settings tab, you can limit the amount of time your child can watch videos on the app and keep your tabs on. 

As much as a rhyme may sound silly and unproductive, eventually, you will notice an improvement in your child’s speech development. Singing along also strengthens their mouth & tongue muscles. Nursery Rhymes & kid Lullabies app also contributes to their memory, language, and reading skills in ways you can never comprehend. 

When you choose their monthly plan over their weekly, you not only save 30% but also get a 7-day free trial. But, with a weekly subscription, you get only a 3-day trial. Unlike other apps that bill you even before the completion of the trial period, Nursery Rhymes & kid Lullabies ensures you get billed only after. 

To summarize, the Nursery Rhymes & kid Lullabies app best suits babies, toddlers, and preschoolers with a curated collection of premium videos that are bound to make your child sing, dance along, and learn. Download the app now, start your free trial today and share the excellent app with your friends.


get it on google playRating: 9/ 10
Price: Free

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