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Have you ever given your smartphone to your kids to watch a couple of videos and later noticed apps that neither you nor your kid installed? As much as a free video streaming platform or kids’ app caters to your child’s needs, the moment they touch a random advertisement about an app, hoping to close it, it gets installed. Or worst, a random adult program or ad shows up, turning your worst nightmare into reality. If you know it too well, you must give KidsBeeTV Fun Videos Safe Kids app a try.

KidsBeeTV Safe & Fun Cartoons For Kids is a video streaming platform with a collection of over 5000 fun videos curated by teachers. So, all the videos are absolutely safe, educational, entertaining, practical, and encourage collaborative learning. You can also be sure that the content is relevant and current. The entertainment-based play store app is developed by Magikbee and is available for free download. 

Once you download, click on the installed app icon to enter your child’s nickname and year of birth to display videos curated for your child’s age. The preschool cartoons are categorized into songs, learning, kids having fun, preschool learning, arts and crafts, and stories. To ensure that your kid learns the concepts right, they are quizzed on numbers, colors, ABC, emotions, and more. On answering correctly, as a motivation, the app awards them with badges, namely curious mind, Smart kid, Rising star, Amazing, Super kid, Off the charts, and World Record. In addition, they can also win badges in spelling, counting, colors, emotions, activities, and directions.

The app also presents your child with unique educational shows with an exceptional playlist, including

  1. Om Nom: Om Nom wanders around the earth, eating candies while trying to find his dream job.
  2. Sunny Bunnies: The show is about fluffy balls of light who always end up in a pickle trying new things but get their happy ending.
  3. Molang: A Kawaii bunny that spreads friendship, happiness, empathy, and positivity around.
  4. Pinkfong: Includes kids’ all-time fav baby shark, nursery rhymes, bedtime lullabies, children’s classics, and fairy tales.
  5. Truck games
  6. Yoohoo & Friends and other choicest shows that are added every week. 

Under the dashboard section, you can keep track of your child’s activities while using the app. It includes the amount of playing time, average time spent per day, your kid’s favorite channels, and even statistics about the quiz they answered. All the videos are available in English, with selected ones in Spanish.

 KidsBeeTV Safe & Fun Cartoons For Kids provides a 7-day free trial, during which you have unlimited access to full content. On reaching the 8th day, you would be charged monthly or annually according to the plan you chose from your Google Play Balance. 

The free trial the app offers is more than enough to ascertain the relevance and quality of the videos, games, quizzes, and other amazing features that come along. So, what are you waiting for? Download the app now and share it with your friends too.


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