Audiobooks Now Allows for Easy Literary Enjoyment

Audiobooks Now app

There are times when we just want to curl up with a good book and relax. Many of us, unfortunately, find ourselves lacking ample free time to do so. Another alternative is to listen to you favorite stories by playing audio books. Now, I am not one to pop in a CD and passively take part in a novel, be it fiction or non-fiction, unless it involves both the auditory and visual senses. However, I had a make an exception

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Listen to Books with Audiobooks Now for Android

A convenient way to get books on the go! Let us introduce a great audiobook app for the Android users. If you are a bookworm, this review might impress you. Audiobooks Now is an Android app for the avid audio book listener. I found the download and account set up to be very easy. The application has an option to pay a $5 monthly subscription fee where users get discounted prices on audiobooks, or they can pay per audio book.

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