Listen to Books with Audiobooks Now for Android

A convenient way to get books on the go!

audiobooks-nowLet us introduce a great audiobook app for the Android users. If you are a bookworm, this review might impress you.

Audiobooks Now is an Android app for the avid audio book listener. I found the download and account set up to be very easy. The application has an option to pay a $5 monthly subscription fee where users get discounted prices on audiobooks, or they can pay per audio book. They bill them through their credit card that they put on file. However, users do not need to put a credit card on file to browse the application and search for books. The application also offers a 30 day free trial.

I found that if the users need to download a lot of books, they are probably better off paying the $5 monthly subscription fee because the club discount is quite exceptional. If they pay per audiobook, they are paying similar pricing to Amazon’s audio books, in some cases, less than Amazon. However, if they pay the $5 monthly subscription, they will be paying around $5 less per book than on Amazon. So, either way, it’s a pretty sweet deal.


Before deciding which plan I would choose, I was able to browse the application easily to see what books they offer as well as the pricing per audio book. A majority of the books are offered in abridged as well as unabridged format. One of the coolest features that I found on the application was the option to be able to sample an audio book before buying it. [pullquote]Every book has a thumbnail of the book cover next to the title, this way users know they are getting the right book. [/pullquote]

The application also has the ability to search for books by keywords, author, narrator, abridged & unabridged, rating, and publish date. In addition to the search feature, the application allows users to browse books by category, best sellers, new releases, and recommendations.

The only downside I would say about this application is that some newer books that are available on sites like Amazon are not yet available on Audiobooks Now. However, I believe that this will change soon and as the application becomes more popular. I calculated that the application has over 3200 audio books to choose from, so that to me is pretty impressive, especially when their prices are so low.

Audiobooks Now is a great application and we look forward to seeing it expand. This app needs Android 2.1 and up.

Rating: 8/ 10



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