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Alpacr – The Best Travel App

Often times, you need a good guide to help you explore the city, irrespective of your purpose of visit. On the other hand, you might have visited some place and want to leave behind a review for any other person. In such cases, you wish you had an app that could do both of them, and that is exactly what Alpacr is!

It is like a travel album or a blog for any travel enthusiast out there by you, where you can create your profile, pin all the places you have visited based on a geographical map, and then you can add photos, videos and even give a brief experience of your travel there. Alternatively, you could also read other people’s experience on that location, and even get some handy tips for your travel there. For example, it is handy to know before what the cab fare to a place might be from your hotel, so that you do not end up shelling out more money than you should! There are no limits on how many photos you can upload, and in fact, the more you add, the more popular you get on the app, where thousands of people read your reviews!

You can get travel advice from other solo travelers who have visited the same place before you, and they add places to visit nearby, kind of like a bucket-list, so that your travel experience is more enjoyable. There might be a serene lake nearby, that is not a tourist spot, but you might like it! It’s really one of the best apps you can download in your smartphone if you happen to travel often, or plan to do one this holiday season. In addition, you can meet other fellow travelers or reviewers who live nearby so that they can share their experience or it could be a cool way to meet new people! It is exactly what you get when you combine social media and travel blog together! Moreover, considering that its user base is expanding more than ever before, it is perhaps well on its way to become one of the most popular apps in the Play Store. Although, one might wish there was a larger geographical map covered by its users, but it still covers up most of the famous tourist spots in the world for you.

You can also use this app to plan your travel, and mark the places you want to visit when you are there nearby. In fact, the app can work as a source of inspiration for you to plan your adventures. When you read thousands of reviews and tips from fellow travelers, it only fuels your enthusiasm to step out of your world and travel places. It also has many reviews of nearby hotels and other inns for you to plan your stay. Or sometimes, it also points out to a great restaurant nearby or the local cuisines you must try out!

Taking only 25 MB to download, this app is a must have for all kinds of people, and is a refreshing break from the monotonous world of social media! The app is available for iOS and Android

It’s recommended for people who like to plan their trips and it helps them become a smarter and wiser tourists.


Rating: 8/ 10
Price: Free

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