Keeping Things Safe with oneSafe

Choose your weapon – set it up! 

If you are like me, you have a bazillion passwords for the plethora of email accounts, subscriptions, registrations and sign-ins you possess. Our lives have become a sea of user ids and passwords affording us safe passage into what we consider to be safely tucked away from unintended eyes. However, now and then (more now than then) I find myself unable to access my shopping account or cart because I simply cannot recall the password. It is frustration at the least, and debilitating at best.

So, what do you do to resolve this? Along come the various apps that keep your passwords for you. Why bother with trying to remember so many. Oh, and on top of having to keep different passwords, it is also highly recommended that you periodically change passwords. Ok, so that only adds to the brain regurgitation dilemma. oneSafe by Lunabee Pte. Ltd. has just the thing you need to keep your stuff safe and accessible by you, from wherever you are.


Download oneSafe and let it manage your life. This app gives you a variety of options on how you want to keep things safe. You choose one of five different password options. They are: PIN (4-digit), Password (an alphanumeric password), Pattern (draw a visual), Combination Lock Wheel, TRI-PIN (latest password technology). Choose your weapon, set it up and then begin to add all of those logins you wish never to have to recall again. Add to this security questions whose answers only you can know. Once they are added, you are set. You simply have just the one password into oneSafe to remember.

Not only will oneSafe remember passwords, it can also securely store documents, cards and photos as well. You will never be without access to your crucial credentials as long as oneSafe is on your side. Set it all up on one of your devices, be it iPhone or iPad. Be assured it’s all safe and always accessible because it can synch to the iCloud. Download the sister app for Mac, and you’ve got closure on full accessibility.


Once you are all set up, take comfort in knowing that you can track break-in attempts. You can even set up a “self-destruct” that destroys all data should more than three unsuccessful attempts be made to enter oneSafe. Be warned, there is no recovery from destruction.

In the grand scheme of things, apps such as these are so necessary with all that we have in the Cloud and with so many logins that morph every so often. However, I cannot help but wonder just how safe oneSafe itself really is. At the end of the day, most things are hackable by someone. Who’s to say someone could not find a way into my oneSafe account, and as a result, gain access to so much more. I feel a bit wary of these types of apps for this reason…so this downside plays towards all apps of this nature, not just for oneSafe.

Yet, if you are good about selecting distinctive locking mechanisms and crazy questions on top of that, to securely house your docs, cards and passwords, this app is a plus to help you manage what you’d rather not waste time on –remembering passwords set in bygone days. Keep the settings secure and your devices defended, and you cannot go wrong.

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