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LogicLike Takes Brain Teaser Gaming to the Next Level

There are many types of games available to the average consumer ranging from sports, role-playing, and first-person shooters. Developers create all of these different types of gaming genres intending to challenge the person who is holding the controller or mobile device. However, some of the more interesting and challenging games reside in the world of logic games. Developers create logic games to test your knowledge, make you think hard, and the overall goal of learning and building intelligence. LogicLike is an application that fits into the category because this game executes on that and much more.

LogicLike is available to download on both iOS and Android devices. If a user were to take a first glance at the application in one of the respective application stores, they might think the application is solely for young and older adults. This could not be further from the truth. This engaging game is available and compatible with not only adults but also kids that range between the ages of 5 and 12. Kids will enjoy the friendly greeting they receive when they download the application and boot it up for the first time. You are greeted by a friendly robot that asks a few questions to get to know the user more and determine what course is the best for them based on their age.

Usually, some consumers may look at an application and download it but quickly get turned off by the look and feel of the application. That could lead to bad reviews, and they will remove the application in its entirety. One item that is worth noting is that the application itself is free of advertisements. People who download LogicLike will appreciate that because there is nothing more disturbing to mobile games than an application that is full of unwanted advertisements.

The pros outweigh the cons with this application, but what may be considered the biggest drawback of the application is the fact that it is not free. There is a free standard version of the application for all users, but there is also a paid premium version of the application. If you are willing to pay for the premium version of the application then you will receive access to more content and games.

To conclude, LogicLike is one of those games that most people should consider downloading on their mobile devices. Some of the games embedded within the application are logic puzzles, patterns, math puzzles, true or false, chessboard puzzles, algorithms and functions, 3D thinking, and pouring and weighing games. They all have the common goal of challenging the users and making them think about their answers. Users receive a certain amount of stars when they answer a question correctly, and that propels them to the next level. If they answer incorrectly, they receive a deduction in stars and have to attempt to answer the question again until they are correct.

The game itself is visually appealing to both kids and adults. It has a very user-friendly and playful look that comes off as professional.


Rating: 9/ 10
Price: Free

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