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Photo-Promoting Popularity! 

Likeability is the newest app on the market that allows members to upload and share photos for other members to view, comment on, boost, and promote. It’s an app that anyone can use to market things of interest, whether it be for personal or business use. Entities that are trying to promote a cause or fundraiser can make great use of this app by posting marketing material and watch as popularity of the event soars with every like that it receives.

The more it’s liked, the more popular an item becomes. This helps get the item better exposure. On the other side of popularity this app becomes a great tool for finding out which item may be best in a category of your liking. For example, let’s say you are looking for a great dessert to take to a potluck you’re invited to. You can go into Likeability and search for a Matchup on the tag #dessert, #pie, #sweets, and any other tag you think might conjure up some interesting options.

Likeability screenshot

At the very top of the results, which are displayed grid style, will be the photos items that are tagged with the words you entered. You can peruse through those and see what seems like the best option. The beauty of the app is that you get the pics in the order of most popular first. So, you can check out the first few pages of results, knowing that these are the choices most people from the Likeability community liked best. Now, you may not want to base your choice off of how great the picture looks. Be sure to read up on comments to see what people thought of the item, as well.

Likeability is very easy to use. Once you have downloaded it, you create an account by either providing your Facebook credentials or entering an email address. Next step is to build up an attractive profile, with pictures and information. If this is for personal use, you can just put a pic of yourself, along with your interests and other way others can contact you, should you choose to do so.

Likeability screenshot

If you are setting up an account for use by a business or a cause, you can upload a logo and motto to let others know what you are all about. For businesses, it is extremely wise to also add links to other portals through which your business operates, to expand on connectivity.

Ease of use is a definite plus in this app, but it seems to lack an extensive set of features that would make using it for business more attractive. I am sure that these are options that may come down the line as more users join and more usability is discovered through creative exploration.

In the meantime, Likeability is a great photo based social networking app that can be used amongst friends to outdo each others’ “Likes”, a way to just connect with the Internet and the world through visuals to see what’s popular and what is not.

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