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Control every aspect of your phone’s volume! 

Persist + Volume Control is an app designed to help you control every aspect of your phone’s volume. That means no more sudden bursts of sound, the ability to silence your phone with the touch of a button and tons of other options. The app can be purchased for $4.00 through the Google Play Store and takes up about 5.4M of space on your device.

Persist + Volume Control contains several volume control options, all of which are completely customizable. Individually adjust alarms, media volume, ringer, notification alerts, system update sounds, voice and Bluetooth. Presets, as the name suggests, are preset volume settings as well as where you can set up appointment alarms. Presets are found by clicking the icon in the top, right hand corner of the screen (the button looks like a piece of paper). There are four options under preset: appointment, default, night and silent.

Input a specific appointment alarm by clicking the small arrow next to the appointment tab. You can then adjust which volume settings you wish to be activated (alarm, media, etc.). Default is a preset adjustment of all the volume categories. Use this on any given day when you just don’t feel like adjusting the each individual setting on your own.

Persist Volume Control

Night is designed for those who want different volume adjustments after a specific evening time. Adjust the settings to your liking and then set a specific time frame such as 10pm to 6am for the nighttime volume settings to be activated. This preset will activate automatically every night until you choose otherwise.

The final preset is silent. This is what you click when you absolutely cannot risk your phone going off on you! Just click the tab and every aspect of your volume is completely silenced until you decide otherwise. There are a few aspects that make Persist + Volume Control really stand out.

First is the duplicate feature, which allows you to set up multiple presets at one time. Activate the duplicate setting by clicking the dotted line icon under presets and hit duplicate. From there, choose which preset you want to duplicate and be on your way! For two appointments, duplicate “appointments”, for two different nighttime volume settings, duplicate “night”. This feature is great for those who need very specific volume control.

Persist Volume Control 2

Also, Persist + Volume Control’s settings tab is rather extensive and provides even more customization. Definitely check that out for added features such as pocket locker and vibration settings! It was difficult to pinpoint a specific con of Persist + Volume Control. The largest concern is the difficulty in finding all the necessary settings and adjustments.

For example, when setting up an appointment, the first screen you are shown allows for alarm and ringer volume control as well as naming of the appointment but there is no section for setting up a time. I had a very hard time figuring out how to do this until I noticed the “add settings” tab at the bottom of the screen. This is where you can add calendar settings, timer settings and at least a dozen extras.

The “add settings” tab is poorly placed as it blends in with all the pop-up ads that are also on the bottom of the screen. It would do the company good to put the “add settings” tab at the top of the screen so it is clearly visible to users of the app.

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