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Free and Secure Code Scanner- Dhiway SEQR Scanner

Again, there is bound to be an error when dealing with several online websites and payment gateways. This can often be blamed on so many individual shortcomings, causing problems in every facet of business or loss of money.

But the Dhiway SEQR Scanner cut down the mistakes and take quite a bit of that human error out of the equation. Fewer mistakes happen with this QR code App. The SEQR is designed to help users identify unsafe content or insecure website on your device.

The App advises whether or not to trust specific websites and content through real-time security warnings. In a world where security compromise is the order, the SEQR protects user information against information loss. The SEQR App is the best application currently to protect your privacy against unsafe advertisement websites that collect and share your device information.

Some Quick Benefits of using the Dhiway SEQR Scanner;

  • The App allows you to perform thorough scan on all sorts of QR codes you come in contact with. This includes QR codes from different websites, company products, advertisements, contact addresses, promo codes, telephone scanning, SMS, email, calendar, locations, restaurant menus, and more.
  • Information is the key to making the right information, and the SEQR App gives on-time information about any QR code.
  • Security alert activated automatically, and it alerts you, especially if there is danger from dangerous malware sites or risky URLs.
  • There is no fear of compromised security when scanning any QR code with SEQR App.
  • There is an added feature to connect to any available WiFi network to view several different product details.
Dhiway SEQR

This multifunctional scanner, developed by Dhiway Networks Private Limited, is perfect for every device. The features mentioned above are all accessible with just a single touch.  There is no disturbance from ads or annoying short messages popping up on your screen. It is effortless to understand and operate and serve several purposes for both customers and business owners.

The SEQR app keeps a comprehensive record of your previous QR code scans for future consideration. SEQR scanner app is a free QR Code reader app. After every scan, the App automatically identifies relevant actions such as visiting the URL, saving contact information, or call.

With this app, you can use either the front or rear camera to capture scans. You can create QR codes for sharing contacts, location paths, bookmarks, and installed apps. If you are in a dark environment with little light, the SEQR code accesses your phone flashlight to correctly read the scan code.

This mobile app is currently available on both the App Store and Google Playstore by the name SEQR scanner. While most scanners are paid or come with a premium price in the various store App, the SEQR scanner App is for free download and installation. There is no hidden charges or license required to use the App.

The recent pandemic that the world is suffering from has made contactless QR Code the perfect solution to avoid crowding to curtail the virus’s spread. For business owners and customers who are probably involved in the daily transfer of funds and seek security, the SEQR scanner is the perfect solution.


Rating: 9.5/ 10
Price: Free

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