Bing Bong

Catch the Right Ball to Score Big in Bing Bong

Nope, it’s not a baseball game, but rather, a simple arcade game that mimics a ball bouncing it’s way through a pinball machine. In Bing Bong, your aim is to catch the ball as it makes it way from the top of the screen to the bottom, before it reaches the floor. At first, the ball will fall in a somewhat straight path, with nothing in its way to divert it. As you complete each catch successfully, subsequent balls will be met with diversions and obstacles, one at a time. They will pop up randomly and will cause the ball to bounce away and continue its fall.

Obstacles include white balls and white bars. The ball you will be catching is green in color and will have a plus sign on it. Every so often, you will see a red ball marked with a minus sign. You must avoid catching the red balls, as this is not your goal. You have to catch only green balls.

As you catch each green ball, you will see a count on your catching basket go up by one. The top of the screen will show you how you are doing overall by giving you a count of total balls that have been released and the count of balls that you have caught.

The basket which you’ll use to catch the balls is white in color, but also is filled with some green liquid. This adds a little more splash to the game because when you catch a ball, the liquid sloshes out. The graphics are very simple, but the game is addictive. It’s fun to try and keep up with the balls as they fall, making sure to catch every one of them. As you catch more, the challenge level in the game equally increases.

As balls hit the white orbs and bars, they can grow and shrink in size, so your aim has to adjust accordingly to ensure that the basket will be in the right place at the right time and will make contact with the falling green ball, enough so that it does not bounce off the edges of the basket, but makes it into the pool.

Moving the basket is easy. All you do is keep your fingertip on the bar that sits just below the basket and swipe it back and forth. The basket can only be moved horizontally, so that makes it even more challenging when making sure you can get to the ball before it reaches the floor.

I would like to see some background to keep the tempo moving. The game does have sound, but it’s just a ting when the ball hits something.

Bing Bong is a fun game for players of any age, and will entertain for hours.


Rating: 9/ 10
Price: $0.99

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