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A Puzzle Game that Shuffles Tiles with A Twist – HappySwiper

Among a wide range of audiences, puzzle games are the most popular ones. Unlike adventure games where you ought to confront a deadly boss and carefully plan out each and every step, you can play puzzle games in a very relaxed, less calculative manner. Though puzzle games vary in difficulty from the simplest to the most tricky, they miss an interesting aspect that adventurous games possess. Yes, you might have guessed it by now. These games are a series of puzzles that are not connected via a story. 

Though puzzle games used to be simple and straightforward, every game took a new avatar with the inclusion of elements from other genres. Few games proved that not only can puzzle games be designed in several ways they can also get really complicated with tricky levels. Few other games demonstrated that puzzle games could combine the gameplay with a highly emotional story, thereby enthralling its players.

Game designers use either of the two philosophies, linear and non-linear. In a linear puzzle, a player solves a level using the mechanics and tools provided to them. There can be only one possible solution per level. Hence, you could onboard these puzzle games very easily and smoothly. With the non-linear games, the tools and end goals for a game level remains the same. However, there is ‘n’ number of ways you could devise to solve it. Having read enough about puzzle games and their progression, let us get to know a game that is as exciting and challenging as the best puzzle game you ever know.

HappySwiper by Boeve Automatisering is a simple but addictive puzzle game. Unlike most play store games, you need not create an account to play. As soon as you download and install the game, you can click on the app icon to start playing. Once you go to the game screen, you will see a 3*3 puzzle, all smiling and brimming to welcome you. You might get confused as to what can be so challenging in a 3*3 puzzle with all similar tiles. Click on the shuffle button, witness the tiles getting shuffled, and this is where the real challenge starts.

As soon as you hit shuffle, only a few happy face tiles remain in the grid, while the rest gets replaced by images of fruits. To clear a level, you must keep swiping until all squares have happy faces. Swipe the rows and columns to accomplish the level goals. Though it may sound easy as you read, the game is exciting to play. You need to swipe the rows and columns strategically to bring back all happy faces. Levels 1 and 2 are pretty simple and straightforward. 

Level difficulty increases with an increase in levels. Every next level has more rows and columns, causing the gameplay extremely difficult but enjoyable. HappySwiper has no ads making it possible for you to enjoy an uninterrupted game. Download the game now and start playing.


Rating: 8/ 10
Price: Free

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