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Dreamstime – Find Stock Images Easily from a Mobile App

If you are in the business of using images and graphics that are already made and are ready to go, you know all too well the value of a superb stock image repository. These repositories most often exist online, and I am sure there are several mobile apps that offer the same, but another one to consider is Dreamstime. It’s a free download, and all you pay for is the image you wish to purchase. There are no subscription fees, no monthly costs, nothing. You pay for what you get.

While the service started on the web, accessible by a desktop, it has expanded its horizons to be one-click away. You might be in tweeting at an event and need something slick to post – Dreamstime is there in a snap. All you do is find what you are looking for, purchase and use. If you already have an account with Dreamstime, you can login using those credentials. If not, easily create a new one.

Finding images is quick and easy. The app has organized images by common categories like Illustrations & Clipart, Industries, Nature, Technology, People, Web Design Graphics, and more. You can even use the search tool and type in key words to find a set of images. The app houses over 37 million images, so you are sure to find something that fits the bill.

When you’ve found some favorite images you know you might want to use later, you can tag them as favorites. For photos you stumble upon that you know a colleague or friend would love to use, share them from within the app. Downloads are quick and easy, and the app works well on both smartphones and tablets – a plus because creativity can happen just about anywhere, so you need your tools by your side, no matter which device you’ve got on hand.

Images and photos have a price, and this will be available from within the app. Invoices and purchase history is maintained in your account, so you can always see what you’ve purchases and what you’ve spent. It would be nice to have a price range of the cost of photos somewhere in the App Store.

Stock photos are contributed by artists such as yourself. Dreamstime collects images from contributor around the world through its sister app Dreamstime Companion. Not sure why the two are separate, but maybe a future update will combine them, allowing for easy contributions and purchases from one app.

As an easy way to find cool images quickly for use while you are on the go or just don’t have access to your desktop but need an image with impact, Dreamstime is an app to consider.

get it on google playRating: 8/ 10
Price: Free

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