Bubble Shooter Mark game

Bubble Shooter Mark – An Addictive Twist to the Classic Arcade Game

Here is good news, there are plenty of games that don’t focus on violence rather they focus on good experience. One such game is Bubble Shooter Mark. This android game is simple, takes only a small part of your storage, consumes little or almost no RAM and goes easy on your smartphone battery. So, let’s find out about the features of Bubble Shooter Mark.  

Remember those good old day – when you had to wait in line to play a game, but still got addicted to them. Bubble shooter Mark will give you the same experience. There are two modes. One is Endless and the other one is Puzzle. You need to select a mode before starting the game.   

If you choose the endless mode you will be directed to the game where in the down side of your screen there will be a bubble shooter cannon and in the upside of your screen there will be thousands of moving bubbles to shoot at. You will be able to choose from 2 multiple coloured bubbles to shoot. You have to shoot the bubble to the bunch bubbles matching the colours.

If a bunch of bubble matches colours with the shooter bubbles, the above bubbles will disappear. Simple, huh! Well, the game will get harder with time and if the upside bubbles touch ground or you lose all your shooting bubbles the game will be over. There will be some other things like bombs which take a bunch of bubbles without colour matching, there will also be a baby faced cartoon or a bird character which will also disappear. This mode is better to play when you have a lot of free time.  

Moving on to the next and most interesting segment which is Puzzle mode. This mode is different from the endless mode. In Puzzle mode the player has to release birds from the bunch of above bubbles. Interesting, huh! A player must have a strategy to release the birds. Because in this mode there will be only a limited amount of bubbles to shoot and there will be a time limit. If you don’t release all the birds within time and the limited number of shooting bubbles end, your game will be over. Moreover, there are almost 125 levels to complete in puzzle mode and the number of birds and difficulty level changes with time. Apart from that both of the modes are the same.

However, like all other things this game has some disadvantages too. The most irritating part of this game is Ads frequently popping up while playing a level. Player experience will be much better if the number of Ads are reduced. Apart from that this game will perform a great job eliminating your boredom away.  

This game is the latest version of the classic bubble shooter with all new features.

get it on google playRating: 8.5/ 10
Price: Free

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