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Toddlers Game 4- An Innovative Game for Smart Kids

More than just a chance to have fun, play is serious business when it comes to a child’s health and development. From peek-a-boo to pat-a-cake and hide-and-seek to hopscotch, the many forms of play enrich a child’s brain, body, and life in important ways. Providing kids with 10 minutes of edutainment, they will be able to absorb more information and pay more attention than with other traditional educational methods. Edutainment is combining educational elements with fun entertainment based sections. It stimulates the intellect and provides kids with useful information in a way they can understand it and enjoy it. Toddler games 4 preschool kids is an educational app for preschool kids with a big imagination. 

Toddler games provides a 100% safe and ad-free environment for your preschooler that will help him/her raise awareness about the natural world while having fun and enjoying their time. It can encourage them to discover how the weather changes in winter and spring, as well as bring out the competitive edge in kids which can be highly motivating.

This app has 20 coloring pages and decorating the Christmas tree, for those looking for fun and clever ways to incorporate educational components. Coloring a picture can help your children to recognize line, perspective, color, hue, shape, and form. Your children also learn to recognize patterns. Regular coloring also improves confidence in your young kids, as completing a coloring sheet gives your kids a sense of accomplishment, which builds their self-esteem and confidence. They learn to tell the difference between green, yellow, red, pink, and so on.

Toddler Learning Games

Toddler games also allows quick solutions you can pull off the shelf for those cold and wet days when the family stays inside. it has delightful animations for bees, birds, caterpillars to learn and play more. Moreover, it improves cognitive skills with its puzzles and memory games to help preschool kids develop motor coordination and preschool skills. Kids develop from the core outwards, and achieving gross motor development is essential prior to the development of fine motor control.

This app includes over 150 words about nature, in addition to, sections about growing fruits and learning about pollination. Your preschoolers will understand where their fresh produce comes from and will learn about responsibility by caring for trees and baby birds

 Although it has some levels that you have to pay money to access them, the developers are always working hard to improve its elements and guarantee that the games are not repetitive. Eventually, this app will come out as a pleasant experience for preschoolers and their parents.

Most games tend to be very quick and repetitive; Clapenjoy Hello spring keeps my children entertained and engaged better than some of the other apps we’ve bought.


Rating: 8/ 10
Price: Free

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