Secret Photo Album App Hides Your Photos on iPhone

Over the past three months, I have had three significant life changes; I recently became single, moved back into my parent’s house, and decided to try online dating. Meeting up with potential suitors is difficult enough, but even more so, when you have parents that like to snoop. In addition, I have this terrible habit of misplacing my phone all over the house. 

Now, I would like to think that my mom wouldn’t go through my phone if she found it, but I need to be realistic about this. Discretion is important to me, so I was thrilled when I came across Secret Photo Album app that is available exclusively for the iPhone and iPad. I wanted to provide myself with piece of mind when it comes to protecting the privacy of my photos, contacts and memos.

To start, I love that this app offers a free version. As a recent college graduate existing within a precarious job market, I live on a tight budget. Upon downloading this app, I noticed that the icon does not look like a camera or anything that could denote a secret phone app. Instead, the image is designed to appear as a calculator app, which I thought was very clever. My mom would never catch on to something like that!

secret photo album screenshot

In order to use Secret Photo Album app, a passcode is required. But this app goes an extra step in requesting the passcode every single time, which I feel is a great security feature. I feel secure knowing that if I happen to leave my phone out, that a) no one would recognize the icon as having any significance, and b) even if they tried to access it, they wouldn’t be able to (unless they knew my passcode-fat chance!).

In terms of my new dating life, this app is a dream. I can receive photos from my prospective dates and send sexy pictures to my favorite admirers, keeping them hidden from prying eyes. The app also gives you the option to delete any photos from your phone’s camera roll, once you add it to the album. 

Unlike most apps that are available on the market, Secret Photo Album does not store any images on a cloud server.  That could be a good or bad thing, depending on how you use the app, but for my purpose, that feature suits me just fine. However, if I were concerned about losing any photos or contacts, I probably wouldn’t use this particular app to store important information.

Secret Photo Album also stores contact information, passwords, or any notes that you wish to keep secret. I love knowing that my life’s confidential details can be kept in a place that only I can access.

I do wish that I could access some of the featured highlights that are provided with the premium version of the Secret Photo Album. There seems to be some cool aspects that I wasn’t privy too; items like the ability to create a fake account unlimited photo and video storage, premium app icons, and a Facedown Lock feature. It would be great if there were updates to the free version to be a bit more versatile.

Another suggestion to the developer would be the ability to store and delete videos from this app.

Overall, Secret Photo Album is an interesting and secure option to store data and maintain one’s phone privacy. The free version offers a suitable choice for those who only require the basic functions. The fact that it is ‘nosey parent proof’ and easy to use is good enough for me.  As it develops over time, I am curious to see what the future of this app will offer; I look forward to seeing more modernizations in the near future. 

Here is a tip to get the premium features for free. You can visit Secret Photo Album (, join this subreddit and post anything you feel about this app: any questions, reviews, suggestions, anything related to it. Once your post gets top 10 upvotes, you will luckily receive lifetime premium features as gifts (worth $18.99!) by redeeming the promo code.


Rating: 8.5/ 10
Price: Free

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