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ReceiptFriend – Never Lose a Receipt Again

You’re at the store and you’ve just checked out. The salesperson hands you a receipt and you stuff it in your pocket. Fast forward to a few days later and you scramble to find that same receipt because you need to return part of your purchase. You can’t find it, because you left it in your pants that you washed yesterday.

We’ve all done it. Lost a receipt, one way or another. Now, you never have to worry about losing receipts with ReceiptFriend. It’s an app that lets you upload all of your receipts and find them quickly. It’s great for everyday users and for people who travel a lot for business. No matter what type of receipt you need to save, ReceiptFriend can capture and keep it for retrieval wherever and whenever you need it.

It’s free to use and easy to set up. Once you download the app, the first thing you’ll do is provide a password to access your backups. Next, I recommend going to the Configure area. Here, you can set your currency, default is USD, a bank name, and a credit card. Bank and credit card information are optional, which is something I liked. From here you can also create or restore backup files, which are password protected.

The main screen shows you the total number of receipts being managed by the app. Below this, you will see a list of receipts, which can be ordered by Date, Location, Category or Total items. At the bottom of the screen, just above the permanent ad area, you’ll see icons for a Dashboard, Receipts and Purchase ReceiptFriend+, which is an in-app purchase.

You won’t be able to do much until you have uploaded receipts, and you can do this by tapping on the plus sign located at the top left corner. From here you can upload an image of the receipt either by taking a picture of it (Camera) or by selecting an image from your photo Gallery. This will create a receipt record in the app. The Date will be today’s date. I personally thought that this date should be the date of the receipt.

A few things that the app can improve upon include begin able to scan the uploaded receipt image for the Date of the receipt. It does not make sense to me to have each receipt be recorded by the date you uploaded it. The app crashed quite a bit when I tried to make updates to the receipt record, like update the Date or even update the total amount purchases on the receipt. Not sure why that was happening.

The idea behind the app is great, but I was not really able to get many functions to work because the app crashed several times. I like how the receipts are organized and that you can sort them in a variety of ways. I hope to also see the ability to perform a search of receipts using keywords. It’s a fair enough app to use and will be of much more use once it can provide some of the updates I’ve described above.


Rating: 8/ 10
Price: Free

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