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MyScript Nebo Makes iPad Note Taking Efficient and Precise

Taking notes on your iPad doesn’t have to stop at just typewritten input. Past versions of the device did not support the use of a stylus, but newer versions do. This is important because sometimes what you want to capture may not always be something you can type in. Diagrams, flowcharts, quick notes and connections between ideas can only be drawn. Once you’ve drawn them, though, you want a quick and easy way to edit those rough notes to create a polished document that you can share.

All of this can be done using MyScript from Nebo. MyScript is an iPad app that leverages the use of your stylus, either Apple Pencil or Logitech Crayon, and lets you type or draw to your heart’s desire. The app’s ability to recognize handwritten script and convert it to a font of your choice is accurate. It also does an excellent job of recognizing popular shapes and figures used in flowcharts and diagrams, and mathematical equations.

Typing is enabled by allowing for external keyboards and the iPad keyboard, so you can enter your notes, or you can edit handwritten notes as needed. After you’ve converted handwritten notes to text, simply tap on that text to enable editing via keyboard. Notes can be converted into a variety of file formats: Word, plain text, PDF or HTML. Diagrams and pictures can be converted into PowerPoint slides or into images that can be used directly in other apps.

On the freeform side of the app, it allows you to freely draw and capture images, performing all types of coloring, filling and highlighting. In addition to this, you can import images and photos and add handwritten notes to them or enhance them using your stylus.

Notes and files can easily be organized from within MyScript using Notebooks. MyScript is also very good at helping you find files, whether they be handwritten or typed. The search function does a very good job of find keyboards in both types of files.

Sharing is just as easy. Once you have saved your file, you can publish it on the Nebo website, which also restricts access to users that you specify can have access. I find the publishing to only within the Nebo website to be a bit restrictive for sharing. Luckily you can share files on the Cloud using iCloud, Google Drive, or Dropbox; however, this does require having a MyScript account.

If there were anything that could enhance the app it would be to allow for files to be emailed, so sharing is more direct and quicker. Sometimes the Cloud can pose issues.

With what it currently offers, MyScript provides iPad users with a superb tool for capturing notes of all kinds, organizing them, cleaning them up and sharing them the way you want.


Rating: 8.5/ 10
Price: $ 9.99

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