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Tap Tap Egg Keeps Your Mind Off Other Things

Every one of us faces those times when all we want is something simple to pass time. It could be in a waiting room waiting to go and see the dentist or on the train waiting to reach your destination. Such are the times when apps like Tap Tap Egg come in handy. The give you a mission to accomplish that doesn’t require you to do a lot of thinking. The app is designed to keep you fully occupied to keep your mind off other things. It won’t require a lot of brain power from you. Be warned, however, it needs your full concentration. Let’s take a look at whats in the package.

This game is designed for one thing and one thing alone: to give you the thrill that comes with beating your personal record over and over again. The interface is simple and user friendly and you’ll get a number of training runs to familiarize with the rules and the interface before you are allowed to go on your own.

Your objective will be simple. To jump from one ring to the other without missing the next ring. Simple, right? Wrong! Despite having a simple interface with controls that look easy to use, this is one of the most challenging games on the play store. You need to keep your head in the game and to stay focused until you break your record and make a new one to try and break in the next run.

Installation is simple and straightforward and in less than a minute you will be ready to take part in the challenge! The first screen gives you the option to link a Google account with the app so that you can be recognized for your achievements in the leaderboards. If you prefer to stay anonymous, you can cancel the popup window that comes up and just play.

In the main menu you’ll get five options: A “Rate Us” option that takes you back to the play store to give feedback on the app, a “Like Us” option that takes you to the developer’s Facebook page, a “Settings” option that enables you to adjust the game to suit your preferences and a link to visit the store where you can buy stars that you can use to save your egg in the main game.

The main game starts with your egg in a ring with a number of rings above it. These rings move from side to side across the screen. Your duty is to tap the screen at the exact moment that will ensure that the egg lands on the ring above. Every successful jump earns you a point.

The pop-up window that asks you to connect to a Google account comes up every time the app is launched. It would be better if the window only came up when the app is launched the first time, with an option to get it from the settings. Other than that, the app is a job well done.

It’s easy to play because your only duty will be to tap but landing safely on the rings can turn out to be a bit of an uphill task. It can’t get any worse, right? Wrong! You have to act fast. If you stay on a ring for too long, an earthquake will occur and drop your egg from the ring.If you love a challenge, you need to get this app.

get it on google playRating: 9/10

Price: Free

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