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MindT – Clear the Clutter in Your Head to Live a Fuller Life

Life in today’s world is busier than ever, even though we have technology to help make things more efficient. You could argue that it’s the technology that makes life more hectic. We are constantly wanting to feel connected, so we keep checking our devices for responses to question and posts, which means too many hours on devices and less time focusing on ourselves. Many find that meditation practice helps combat the stresses of everyday life that we impose on ourselves, but it can be hard to find the time to fit in a practice that is effective.

That’s where MindT -Meditation and Sleep can help. It’s an app that brings meditation practice to you, and while there are a ton of apps out there that provide the same, MindT may have some features that cater to your specific needs and schedule constraints, enabling you to fit in mediation when it works best for you.

To start, simply download the free app. You can then register or use the app as is. From the Home page, you can select to watch the Daily Video, to get quick access to a session. If you want to select a particular type of practice, move over to the icon that looks like a target. From here, you can choose a genre of relaxation technique, including Guided meditation, Zen, 5 Minutes, Peace, Unguided, Energy and so many more. It’s basically a way to home in on what you are currently going through so you can choose the meditation or mindfulness exercise that best fits your current state of mind.

Meditation sessions come in all levels, so you can choose the level that suits you best. New to meditation? Start with a beginner session and work your way up.

At the bottom of the screen there will always be a panel of icons to help you navigate your way around the app. The middle icon will take you to a collection of sounds that help soothe the mind, slow down your heart rate and may even help you get a good night’s sleep. Each piece is labeled with a title and the running length in minutes. The sounds waves come in all shapes and sizes, to help you achieve your relaxation goal. Whether it’s to get you ready for a busy day or get you settled in for the night, MindT has something that will put your mind at ease and will help you face whatever comes your way, without losing your cool.

No doubt that when you are at peace, all things are possible. Using this meditation app is one way to get you there. One feature that I did not quite understand was what the limitations were if you did not have an account. One of the screens shows that you can create an account and login, but I was able to move around the app easily and use several features without creating an account, so was not sure what the benefit to creating an account was.

MindT delivered on its promise to provide a variety of meditation sessions to help bring some calm into my life. I used it on several occasions to lull me to sleep and can vouch for its effectiveness.


Rating: 9.5/ 10
Price: Free

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