SplashID – Passwords Safely Saved and Splashed Across Your Devices

It doesn’t stop there! 

Taming the technology that pervades our lives is challenge enough. That challenge elevates to a new level of complexity when the issue of managing the passwords that allow you to use this myriad of devices and the applications that run on them comes up. Yes, there are several apps that claim to securely store and manage user id’s and passwords, but numbers speak louder than words, and SplashID Safe Password Manager has proven to provide a service that outdoes other password storage apps based on its sheer volume of users totaling over one million.

It doesn’t stop there. They have now unleashed their latest and greatest version which does more for you. Not only will it manage passwords and key data, it serves as a digital wallet and stores credit card information, account numbers, prescriptions, registration information, and more. This gives you peace of mind and easy accessibility, wherever you are.

The moment you create your new account, you will get addicted to its ease of use and its organization. The main screen will pop up with a list of accounts, listed alphabetically. You can then choose to:

  • Sort by a different field, such as Category, Type, Date, or Most Visited
  • Search for a particular name or field
  • View By Category (default is All Categories)
  • View By Type (default is All Types)

Of course, if you have not created any accounts, the list will be empty. To add an account, simply tap on the plus sign located in the top right corner of the screen, select Add New Record, and enter all required fields. This menu can also be used to add a New Category and to add a New Type. This feature allows you to customize the app in a way that works best for you!

Tap on the plus sign once more and you’ll be returned to the main screen. From there, if you tap on the icon in the top left, you will see a menu which allows you manage your SplashID Safe Password Manager account. This includes viewing and tweaking your Dashboard, SplashID Backups, Settings, Edit Categories and Edit Types.


It’s a safe that stores with all the basics you would expect to find in a password keeper and more. Dig deep to find the following:

  • Secure apps native to a variety of sources: mobile, desktop and browser
  • Variety of storage options: Cloud, Local Network, or on-device
  • Touch ID login
  • Photo features easy credit card capture
  • File attachments: so you can save supplemental information easily
  • 256-bit encryption and double authentication
  • Secure record sharing
  • Automatic Backups

The app itself is offered for free, but you will need to upgrade to SplashID Pro to get the benefit of the Security Dashboard and Automated Backups, which costs $19.99/year and is renewable.

Once you play around with the app, you will find faster ways to get to what you need and you will wonder what you ever did without it. Now you can truly follow what so many computer security officials preach: change passwords often. Except now, you can do so without fear of forgetting what that new password is, because we all know that every different account needs a different password. Now you can do that and not worry about remembering all of them. The only downside to the app is having to pay for it, but nothing so important comes for free.

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