Wonder Fish Free Games HD – An Underwater Game

Finally an app for all fish lovers out there!

Just like the name suggests, the app has been designed with an aim of giving you the rare opportunity to work with a regular fish and make him a wonder fish by rescuing his comrade Blackyfinn who is threatened by a terrible monster. It’s an underwater game which means that all the action will take place at sea which is a good thing because of the amazing graphics of deep-sea treasures. Let’s take a closer look at what the app brings to the table and see if the developers delivered as promised.

First things first. This app is an underwater exploration app that will enable you to play under water and see how business is run down there. In addition to keeping you on the edge of your seat, this app will take your breath away by showing you amazing HD images of life in the deep seas. Players will get to interact with more than 100 different deep sea life forms across four zones.

Basically, the aim of the game is to take the role of Wonder Fish and fight all enemies while dodging all hidden dangers in the scenery to try and rescue Blackyfinn and still come out alive. It’s an adventure that will keep you glued to your screen as you fight enemies. No time to enjoy the amazing sceneries, there are lots of dangers hidden in the deep sea and it’s up to you to ensure that none of them get Wonder Fish.

Wonder Fish

Like any other Android game, you will need a Google account and a supported android device. To get the best out of the game, it’s advisable to play from a device with a large display like a tablet or top end smartphone. However, the game still works fine on the other smaller devices. You will however need a device running on Android 2.3 or any later updates. Sorry Froyo users, that’s another reason for you to upgrade.

After downloading the app and installation, the next step is to sit back and to enjoy the game. Everything from the menu to the actual game has the same under-water theme to keep you well-motivated to play. The menu shows a wooden ladder that has been joined using a rusted chain. The kind of chain that you would expect to find after spending years on the ocean bed.

From the menu, you can go straight to the game by tapping ‘play’ or you can adjust your preferences by tapping ‘options’. There is also the option of viewing the high scores, achievements or credits. A unique feature of the game menu is the ‘share’ functionality that will enable you to tell friends about the game.

One of the most unique things about Wonder Fish is the fact that it is as realistic as they come. The perfect combination of full HD graphics and realistic backgrounds like the many under water creatures, human pollution, skulls rocks and even volcanoes makes it both an entertaining and informative app. Most users will learn something new about the deep seas from the app.

It’s also very free in that you will never be asked to spend any real money. The only transaction that you may have to do is buying upgrades to make life easier. However, the upgrades are purchased using gold that is collected in the game. So there will be no shortcuts. You have to earn every upgrade. The only downside (which is not really a downside) that we were able to link to Wonder Fish is the need for more levels. With only 20 levels, most people will be through with the challenge in about two months. This, however, does not mean that the levels are not challenging enough.

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