PDF Reader Pro– A must have for busy professionals

Smooth, user friendly interface, fast non-buggy performance!

If you need to take the office with you but can’t quite fit it into your suitcase then this is the review you have been looking for.

The file structure of PDF Reader Pro is easy to navigate, organized and cleanly made. The ability to make different folders is essential to keep your files separated and orderly. The password feature on the Private folder is superb as it allows you to carry confidential information around without worrying, should your device get stolen or misplaced, that it could fall into the wrong hands.

pdf reader pro

PDF Reader Pro has access to iCloud and WiFi connectivity. This means that transferring and sharing files is quick and easy. The zip function also means that you can move a lot of data in a compressed form ensuring, should you be working on 3G, you don’t go over your data limits.

The only downside to PDF Reader Pro is that you are unable to add text to the PDFs you create unless using the annotation tool, which is not designed for bulk text. This means that the only way to get a text PDF is to download it via the in-app browser or scan it.

The in-app browser allows you to download full or single page documents while the scanner uses the device’s camera to take a photo and an image or text and then convert it to PDF. All PDFs can be easily emailed and exported to your photo albums. They are easily exported to other apps as well meaning that the editing options are wide and all add to the utter user friendliness of this app.

pdf reader pro

The freehand tool is excellent for adding those personal touches. Highlighting, annotation, brightness and sharpness are all adjustable and doable in the editing section of the app. It makes you PDFs totally customisable and personal to you and is great for adding essential notes for the office of a quirky message for a friend.

Searching in-app is simple and allows a search of all files and folders and is not limited to the folder you are currently viewing at the time. This means this app is optimized for fast and efficient use; superb for professionals who need fast results.

The help pages on this app are very clear. They give you spot on instructions and explain every feature on the app in case you get stuck. This is excellent for anyone who may get overwhelmed by the app and needs a step by step guide on how to get the most out of it. PDF Reader Pro will come into it’s own on the iPad but it well designed enough to have full usability on the iPhone and iPod as well.

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