iPhotoCap – for Easy Image Captioning

Get the unparalleled style and functionality! 

Image captioning is a bit tricky. Let me review an app that helps users who need to creative caption their images.

iPhotoCap, developed by Rob Green, helps in creating multiple, moveable captions on any picture. It is so easy to take a picture or grab one out of your image library and stick a caption on here saying whatever you would like. You can even place the captions anywhere on the image with a touch of the screen, allowing you to make sure it is exactly where you want it every time. This is the hardest that it gets, because once you put the caption on, all you have to do is click one of the in app buttons to share it to your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other social media site. The application does all the work for you, allowing you to just think about the content that you are going to add.


Take pictures of yourself, put a personal message, and send them to someone that you care about. Find pictures online and put a hilarious message on them for others to enjoy. Take pictures of people doing odd things and mark them up with some special titles. You are truly bound by your creativity. Unlike other apps that only allow you to caption in one place, the ability to caption anywhere on this app makes it so much easier to make your own special, unique, content.


Is one caption not enough? Save it as you go to create more. Simply put the caption in that you want, place it where it belongs, click save, and repeat. It is that easy! Thinking of publishing some new memes? This is the application that you should be using. The only down side to this application is the error message it gives when you don’t have Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook installed. It would probably be better to have it redirect to the market place and have you download the free applications. It could also open up the web browser and then ask for you to login through the web, allowing you to upload this way and caption it as necessary.

You will find everything that you need in a small, intuitive, package. The application focuses on the grunt side of uploading it, so that you can focus on the creative thinking of captioning it. There is absolutely no application available for the iOS that can compare to the ease of use and shear robustness of this app. It truly is the best at what it does. Definite 5-star application, surprised that it is actually free!

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