Summon the Monsters on Android with Dark Summoner

Avail the help of monsters to defeat your enemies! 

Google Play has a lot of games, but most of them are not as polished as iOS games. Therefore, when it comes to finding a good Android game, it is not that simple. That’s why Android users are installing fewer games. If you are looking for an Android game, going for popular ones might be a safe idea.

Dark Summoner, developed by Ateam Inc., is a very popular game on Android as well as iOS platforms. After launching it, users could see an exceptional CGI intro video that leads them to the loading screen. It would take few minutes for the game to load as Dark Summoner downloads a file to update. When we checked it, Dark Summoner downloaded this update everytime we launched the app. According to the developer, freeing up the device memory could solve the issue. But this app started downloading the files even when I had a lot of free space. Interesting!

dark summoner

After logging in, Dark Summoner offers a few gifts to help users start their epic battle with a success. In this strategic game, they need to choose between three guilds – Guild of Sin, Guild of Rancor and Guild of Tyranny – to fight against the forces of evil.

After entering the gaming area, players must complete Missions for their team. It will consume their Energy and would provide them with Experience and Gold. After completing a few Missions, they need to battle it out with the Boss. To emerge as a successful summoner, players might have to make some purchases in the Shop by spending real money.

dark summoner

Dark Summoner has a lot of options and the navigation is also a bit difficult to understand. After launching the app for the first time, it is advisable for the users to go through the Help section before exploring the game. It demands some time and effort to read all the areas of Help, but there is no way out.

Dark Summoner requires Android 2.2, but it may not be compatible with some devices. We checked it on Xperia Neo V and it works fine. As this game is very popular in the App Store, it has already crossed 50k downloads in Google Play. Just give a try to find out how good you are in summoning!

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  • Guild: Tyranny
    ?Player ID: 2678568759 When you start the game and input the Player ID above, you will receive Ally Invite Summonx3.

  • Play this game. Quick start for new players…

    Don't listen to people who say you will get 3 x "AA" rank monsters with there code, you will get 3 x summons which could be AA+, AA+, B b+, or C C+(these are the different classes of monsters you can use/get AA+ being the best) . I got a A when I did it so…

    Guild Tyranny
    Use my code 1494214036 to get the 3 X summons and best of luck

  • Guild: Tyranny
    ?Player ID: 2275459030 When you start the game and input the Player ID above, you will receive Ally Invite Summonx3.

  • When I started it said I needed to summon a monster and it wouldent let me click on summon help

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