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4 Best WhatsApp Spy App Software

Spy apps are there to help satisfy your curiosity. But secrets are better left unknown, especially if you don’t have the heart to bear them. 

Spy apps are for you if you’re in a relationship and you’re curious to know who your partner spends the most time with online.

If you’re a parent and want to monitor your child’s online and social activities, some apps can get the job done with absolutely no need for jailbreak.

In this review, we’d give you the best four spy apps that can provide real-time data reports from a target’s phone. In addition, you’d get message notifications, including texts, videos, and photos. These spy apps do not require jailbreaking and work silently without the target’s notice.

Some apps even provide additional features such as website spying, monitoring location tracking, and so on. Unfortunately, to use some of these apps, you must subscribe to their premium plan, although some have a demo or trial version.


mSpy is an excellent and most widely used spy app software. Whether it’s a spouse, partner, or even your child you want to spy on, it works perfectly. Interestingly, you can use mSpy on any android or IOs device without jailbreak. Android users have confirmed that this app is more android compatible than IOS. All you need is a one-time installation on the target’s device, and boom- real-time monitoring starts.

First, you must download and install it from your app store on your target’s device. Don’t worry about your target finding out because the app is undetectable. Every five minutes, messages from your target’s phone, including pictures, videos, and videos, are sent to your phone. To access these mSpy features, you must be subscribed to their top payment plan. mSpy doesn’t just work on Whatsapp; it works great with other social media as well; Instagram, Facebook, Tinder, and Snapchat. 


eyeZy has eyes everywhere. And if you want to see everything, Eyezy’s vision is more than reliable. With Eyezy, you can spy and track a target’s digital footprints without suspicion. 

eyeZy spies on everything, including WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, and even phone calls. All you need is a one-time installation, and you’d receive accurate updates on your mobile phone. The only thing about Eyezy is that it requires jailbreaking when using it on an IOS device. If your target uses an android, Eyezy is your best option. 

eyeZy works silently, monitoring all activity on your target’s phone. eyeZy is similar to installing a camera on your target’s phone enabling you to see every mobile action. In our option, Eyezy is one of the best for parental control. Lastly, Eyezy has a GPS feature that allows you to track the target’s phone anytime.


uMobix is another top spy app you want to try. While all the apps mentioned above work well with android, uMobix is more IOS compatible and provides more functionality than android devices. Download all and Install both on your device and tour target’s device.

Select a plan and register. You have a one-month, three-month, or 12-month option. Select the plan you’re most comfortable with. Installing uMobix is very easy and usually takes less than 5 minutes. 

With uMobix you can receive complete WhatsApp updates from your target’s device on your mobile phone. Another special uMobix feature is that it can also view deleted messages and spy on call logs. Also, it comes with a geo tracker to help spy on your target’s location.


Cocospy is another underground spying app that does its job well.

Cocospy works very fine for WhatsApp, bringing you every bit of information about your target’s WhatsApp messages, photos, and even status.

Cocospy can also spy on your target’s SMS messages, monitor sim card activity, and even let you know when your target’s sim card is swapped for another. In addition, you can view your target’s call log and keep an eye on their contacts. 

It works with both IOS and android devices and does not require jailbreak. 

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