BooDooArt – Pictures Say a Thousand Words

Take social networking, and possible dating, to a whole new level through artistic creations and random doodles that have you completing pictures and images, instead of each other’s sentences.

BooDooArt is a unique app that brings people together through colors, lines, and pictures, bridging gaps through the thinness of an iPad. Painting projects can be initiated by signing in through your Facebook account or can engage random users of the app. When you first download the BooDooArt, it takes you through a very simple, five-page explanation of what the app is all about, and what you can make it become for you.

Drawing is simple, and stems from a few simple swipes and taps of fingers across the screen. There are six different types of brushes you can use to paint with, creating lines and smears of different thicknesses and textures that match your mood, elevate the senses, and tell your story. There are also three line thicknesses to choose from which customize the look rendered by each brush type.


Not only can you draw and paint, you can also chat with your art project partner. Communication becomes twofold, tapping artistic and linguistic sides of your sense of sight. As you further your painting project with a blind date, you will slowly begin to see more of your partner’s posted photo. It almost becomes like a dating game where you ask more questions to discern the person in detail. 

The app also boasts over 30 games, tests, and tasks that allow you to engage in further interactions amongst other BooDooArt seekers and players. The sky is the limit in this creative haven of interactive illustriousness and game-playing fun. Note that many of the options you may be thinking of using cost points. You can get 500 points by signing up through Facebook, but be prepared to open up more of your online activity to the world. One example of items that will cost you is paint colors. You get 10 for free. However, they are fairly simple, and the ones that are more enticing and interesting come with a price tag.


The same goes with brush options. Three are for free and three are not. If you go on a blind date, it costs one point. Try to invite a friend and it will set you back 50 points. Points can be collected by getting thumbs-up on pictures and paintings you post and share. The more interactive you make your instance, the more points you can collect. The graphics are very simple and Zen-like. I really liked how simple the interface was, as it made for a very easy to pickup and use experience, with little frustration and minimal downtime trying to figure it out.

What would be nice is to make random interactions for free. Making users “pay” for a first time experience can become a turn-off to the whole idea, in spite of the fact that the app is for free. Yet, if you can get over this one small glitch, this app brings a colorful and unique new way to share your creativity and connect with others in the cyber world.

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