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12 Twelves App Supercharges Your Multiplication Skills

Ever found yourself in a shopping frenzy, trying to calculate the cost of multiple items, only to get lost in a web of calculations? We’ve all been there, juggling prices and quantities in an attempt to figure out what 12 times 9 is or 7 times 8 is. Finally, we accept defeat. And turn to a calculator app.

Remembering and recalling multiplication facts doesn’t have to be hard.

Enter 12 Twelves. A Math Puzzle – Times Tables game that turns boring times tables into an adventurous grid puzzle. Developed by Christopher Hughes and designed exclusively for iPad and iPhone users, the app helps you master times tables the fun way. Not only elders, but 12 Twelves also enables children to ace their multiplication game. Be it solving academic problems that involve repeated addition, calculating the area and perimeter of shapes, or scientific formulas involving speed, force, or energy – your kid will solve multiplication facts in seconds. Not to mention real-life contexts like determining the cost of items or the total time for multiple activities. 12 Twelves comes in handy. 

This app is small and downloads quickly. Click the installed app icon and the Play button to start. 3×3, 4×4, 5×5, and 6×6 – you can choose from 4 board sizes. Next, select the timetables you want to practice. Wish start with the 3*3 grid? Then pick a minimum of 3 times tables (any 3). Harness your mathematical prowess to fill the partially-populated grid, solving one box at a time. It’s that easy. 

As you increase the board size, you may feel stuck at some point. Tap the ‘?’ in the top right corner to reveal the incorrect answer. The more you solve, the better you will handle random multiplication facts – no more reciting times tables from the top. Thanks to your strengthened multiplication skills and intuitive understanding developed through repetitive puzzle solving. You can even use 12 Twelves grids to supplement your child’s math worksheets for school homework.

What more? Switch between Dark and Light themes and choose from the factors for times tables 1-10 or 1-12 from the homepage. Also view a history of your last 100 completed puzzles, date-wise. This allows you to track your child’s progress, review past achievements, and witness their growth. Your child starts as a Rookie and unlocks achievements to become an Expert, Legend, or Super Duper Giant. And ultimately, The GOAT.

With time, 12 Twelves hones your child’s multiplication abilities, making them quick and accurate at mental calculations. With grids of different sizes, they strategically fill in missing numbers and develop a systematic approach to problem-solving. It serves as a solid foundation for advanced mathematical concepts. Also, the logical thinking and pattern recognition acquired in the process can be applied to other concepts. It enhances your child’s cognitive abilities.

So, what are you waiting for? Witness the transformation of mundane times tables practice into adventure-packed grid challenges with 12 Twelve. With its array of benefits, you’d gladly invest in the moderate-priced download of this app.

Solve captivating grids, uncover hidden patterns, and conquer multiplication challenges like never before. Download 12 Twelve now and master math, one grid at a time.


Rating: 8.5/ 10
Price: Free

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