Ocean Hunt – Become an Ultimate Fish Hunter

Timing is crucial here!

Won-O-Soft has taken its turn in coming up with an app that will let players become the ultimate fish hunters in an ocean environment. Using a spear, more than a little bit of strategizing and timing, players will have to catch fish in the ocean and reel them in, all within a specific time frame. This highly addictive and fast-paced game promises hours and hours of fun and enjoyment. Boredom will be kept at bay, thanks to the increasing level of difficulty as they go along. This app is called Ocean Hunt, and that is what this review is all about.

Ocean Hunt has two components: catch the fish, and reel it in. All the action takes place under the ocean, with a clear view of the sea floor, where 29 different types of fish are swimming in both directions, waiting to be caught. Catching the fish is done using a spear, which is controlled by the player. Reeling it in involves the use of a Turn Reel system. Of course, it is not without its obstructions, since the water is also littered with different types of trash, which players have to avoid while catching as many fish as they can. Opening the app will take the players to a screen displaying the underwater environment where they will be playing. Tap on START to get the ball rolling, and the fish will start swimming, while a spear will appear at the top of the screen.

Ocean Hunt screenshot

To catch the fish, timing is crucial. Swipe your finger on the screen to change the direction the spear is pointing to. Once a fish is directly in the spear’s “sights”, tap on any part of the screen to catch it. A Turn Reel system will appear on the side of the screen once the spear latches on a fish. The player must quickly turn the reel until the fish is secured. Points will be accumulated with every fish you reel in, and the time will also be running. Competitive players can also challenge themselves by aiming to be included in the online leaderboard for this app.

Ocean Hunt screenshot

Many would argue that Ocean Hunt does not have anything new working for it. After all, there are countless games featuring the same game play. However, what makes Ocean Hunt different is the level of difficulty and the amount of strategizing required to catch as many fish as they can (and reel them in) in the time provided. The use of catchy tunes, a colorful environment and, yes, a wide variety of fish, also works in this app’s favor.

Ocean Hunt will definitely benefit more if it provides more obstacles other than the different types of trash floating around. However, this can be easily ignored, since it already offers up enough difficulty to challenge even the extra picky players. In Ocean Hunt, timing and speed is everything. It may not offer a unique gameplay, and the concept may no longer be new, but there is no denying that the fun and the challenge it poses are more than enough to whet any mobile gamer’s appetite!

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