Finch App Does All the Shopping For You

Shopping online can be a hassle; you can spend hours looking for the perfect product reading reviews and ratings. Are you looking to find a better solution to easy shopping? The Finch app has you covered; it’s the best app to make your online shopping experience easier. The Finch app is very useful for anyone that doesn’t want to take much time online shopping on Amazon. It will save you so much time and stress and it rates the best products on Amazon so you don’t have to scroll through all of their options. While you’re on the go, always busy, or attending to your children, the Finch app has you covered for finding the best rates for organic products for you or your family. Whether it be skin products, cleaning products, or baby supplies the Finch app has you covered with the best product. The Finch app can be downloaded on any Chrome device or Google Play, and it’s free!

The best part about the Finch app is that it does all the shopping for you. It eliminates your duty of having to search through descriptions or reviews. The Finch app finds your favorite products on Amazon and focuses on science-based ratings which will determine the quality of the products. The Finch app rates products from 1-10 specifying if it’s bad, fair, or good for you. It’s very convenient to use the Finch app when you’re a busy person, with just one click you can start shopping more accessible than ever. The Finch app can be useful for people that are passionate about natural skincare that are plant-derived ingredients. The Finch app rates ingredients making sure it’s all-natural organic with no synthetic ingredients or artificial fertilizers.

Finch rates products based on real science-backed reviews combining function and scientific facts helping you find the best of the best organic products. There are six interconnected environmental footprints that they simplify by science-based ratings. Climate is one of the six environmental footprints making sure the company of the product invests in renewable energy, the company is climate-neutral Certified, and the product uses a material with low carbon intensity. Human well-being is another environmental footprint, the Finch app will determine the level of toxicity in the product, and make sure it’s not detrimental to your family or the workers and their working conditions. They make sure the company of the product uses Fair Trade Certified materials and it gives you the opportunity to live and shop and take action to support farmers and their families.

Unfortunately, a disadvantage of the Finch app is that your best product might not be listed as one of their options. A way you can add your favorite product that you were interested into their list for easy shopping is by sending them an e-mail at hey at choosefinch dot com. This way your favorite product will be listed and it will be easier for yourself or others to shop fast without the hassle of scrolling through Amazon. You can choose from many rated categories like personal care, bathroom, bedroom, baby products, laundry, etc. The Finch app also has wise guides helping you find the best of the best products. The Finch app browser extension helps you purchase products that are better for the planet and its inhabitants.

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