Explosion Valley – Be a Demolition Expert

A straight forward game!

Strategizing is only half the fun in Dutyfarm’s latest Android game, Explosion Valley. This new game takes you, a master demolition expert, to the thriving and bustling, glittering city of Las Vegas, where you could pretty much wreak havoc and wreck everything on sight. But with a plan in mind, of course.

Android games involving explosions, fireworks and shoot-‘em-up gameplays, are no longer anything new. In fact, they make up a huge chunk of the game market. The challenge for developers is how to make their respective games better and, in this case, more explosive, than the rest. Does Dutyfarm succeed with Explosion Valley?

Explosion Valley is pretty straightforward, and the roles are clear-cut. The player is a master blaster (or a demolitions expert, take your pick) who, armed with dynamites, should strategically place them in spots and places where they could do the most damage. In each level, there is a required height that the demolished building should be reduced to after each strategically staged explosion. There are 100 levels that players can go through, with each level becoming more challenging than the last. All the levels will take players around 5 neighborhoods, with corresponding puzzles that must be solved.

Explosion Valley

But that is not the only challenge. Aside from reducing the buildings into rubble BELOW the required height, the buildings should be blown up without hitting the tourists milling about the area.  This mobile game does not require players to jump through hoops to get started blasting away and having fun. Players get to have access to an arsenal equipped with 6 different types of bombs and explosives. It would then be up to the players to pick where to put the bombs to get the best results. Choosing the explosives and bombs is also part of the formulation of strategy to achieve the best results.

As mentioned earlier, the player will move through the 5 neighborhoods and will be given the opportunity to solve puzzles while they’re at it. Throughout the game, they will also get the chance to collect stars (by evading and one-upping the one-armed bandits) and various bonus items to increase their scores and their chances of moving to the next level. Usually, a game would focus on only one key point: make things explode and move on to the next level. Explosion Valley ups the ante a bit by throwing in challenging puzzles that must be solved by players while they go about blowing buildings up. This makes this game even more addicting.

The user interface and the cartoon graphics of Explosion Valley are worth mentioning, because they are both well-designed. Dutyfarm did a stellar job of coming up with an engaging user interface that also looks great and plays smoothly! Another thing that makes Explosion Valley a hit is its simplicity. It is so easy to learn and is not at all complicated. The instructions are simple: blow up the target building and sparing the surrounding buildings and the tourists.

At the moment, it is difficult to see if Explosion Valley has anything going against it. If there is one possible gripe about it, however, it would most likely have something to do with the graphics. The cartoon graphics are well-made, and the animation is impeccable. But some gamers, especially fans of 3D animation and sharper, sleeker graphics, may think the current graphics quality is too cartoonish for their tastes.

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