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Vancamper – Check Your Phone, the Open Road Calls

There are few people who have not heard the call of the open road at one time or another. Time spent traveling, living a nomadic life, spending more time outdoors. And with all the issues we face today, who doesn’t want their own safe haven that they can take with them as desired? It’s a lifestyle that more people are embracing. Well, those are the things that a van camper can bring you. And there are few better ways than the new Vancamper app by Yaxo LLC to locate your dream camper.

Installing Vancamper is simple and free. After installing, you will need to sign up using either Google, Facebook, or custom email credentials. When registering with a custom email address, you will receive a confirmation code via email. And as simple as that, you are presented with a list of campervans for sale.

A button on the top right allows you to change your search filter. Location, Price, Roof Type, Vehicle Type, Kitchen type, Amenities, odometer, year, keywords, and number of people it can sleep are all possible criteria. The search criteria are pretty flexible, and as you enter in various values, the “Show Listings” button at the bottom indicates how many search results match your criteria (which is convenient to help avoid searches with zero results).


A list of results is presented with a large image, the title, location, and price are displayed. If the matching camper has more than one photo, you can scroll through them right in the list, which is another nice touch. You can also flag a camper as a ‘favorite’ to get back to later.

Clicking on the title of a listing will bring up the full details and an option to contact the seller. Here the images are larger, and more information is available such as the ability to share or copy a link to the item, a ‘Send message’ option to contact the seller, full items details and amenities, as well as some brief information about the seller.

The ability to share and copy the link can come in handy and will direct you to the website where anyone can see your selection. Pretty handy when you want to run an idea by your significant other.

Another feature that makes Vancamper stand out is that it isn’t only for buyers, but for sellers as well. Clicking the ‘+’ button at the bottom of the screen starts the process of listing your own camper for sale. You can add pictures, information, price, and other information. The app has a message display as well (a bubble icon on the bottom of the screen) where your communications with other members are kept.

Probably the only negative thing I can point out is its lack of sorting and saving search results. Saved searches help to identify categories that you can quickly search to help understand a marketplace better.

Whether you are already into the Vanlife lifestyle, or you’re intrigued by the freedom and adventure it can bring, this app is sure to entertain you. If you’re just window shopping, ready to purchase, or looking to sell what you have for an upgrade, you will certainly find Vancamper a handy app.


Rating: 9.5/ 10
Price: Free

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  • “It is a very nice digital application, and it seems like it has many useful utilities.

    I would love to use this application and see the features which the developer has promised. In my opinion, the best feature is that clicking on the title of a listing will bring up the full details and an option to contact the seller.
    Thanks for sharing this with us.”

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