Death Note Type

Dive Deeper into the Thrill with Death Note Type

Following the wide popularity of the Death Note series, which even trended among young people. This interesting game was created with same inspiration.

As a big fan of the popular anime series: Death Note, the urge for more of it never ends. Explore this new game: Death Note Type game, an adaptation of the original series. Dive deeper into the thrill of all the mysteries and riding the world of evil.

Here’s all you need to know about the Death Note Type Game before you play. For all lovers of anime, it is an adaptation of the death note Japanese series. The idea is to make the world a safer place by kill off bad guys and becoming the next Kira.

The game

The game has gained much popularity online. It starts with you meeting your avatar, “Light Yagami”. The character is angry about all the evil happening in society. He swears that he will kill off all those evil people when he gets superpowers. Later he finds the death book which is said to have the power to kill people. He begins to practice it and notices that it’s real. He starts to write down evil people in the book and soon they die. Soon he also learns to leave a nickname, Kira.

Just like in the anime series, players go through the horror story and try to kill off evil guys. Each opponent is killed by writing down his/her name in the book of death. The player goes on a journey to attain the Kira level in the Death Note type game.


Players will play the game using the computer navigation system. To kill an evil person in the game, you must type in the name of the person. Players can type in the names using the computer keyboard.

Users can also change a name when they make a mistake. For instance, you mistakenly type in the wrong name. You can change it by pressing the backspace to delete lines and reenter the correct name.

Press the enter key to execute any action. After typing in a name, press Enter to kill the evil person and progress in the game.


Originally designed only in flash has now been created as an HTML5 game. It is played on web browsers. It is also adapted for mobile phones, although it works best on desktop web browsers.


As a result of the nature of the game, it is categorized under typing games. The typing game can be played using the computer keyboard. Furthermore, it is grouped as a horror game because of the mysteries that the Player has to solve.

About the Developers

Death Note type game was developed by Hunternif in October 2020. Following the success of the anime game from the series Death Note developed by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata.

Fans of the popular series can have a mixture of fun, horror, and a typing experience in one game. It fits into the horror game category and also the typing games category.

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