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People need a gym for different reasons. Some go there to lose or gain weight, while others to just keep fit. I needed it for a simple reason: to build my muscles. One way was to find a personal trainer. Who would help me create a workout routine and achieve my desired result but the pandemic happened?

During the lockdown, everyone was stuck at home. Since I wasn’t going out, I needed to tone my muscles and build my fitness. So I searched online for a fitness app that would help me achieve my goals.

I found the Spartan Home Workout app. It had routines that could be practiced even without any gym equipment. More so, the in-app instructor had helped motivate me to download it and start a personal routine. So here is how it went and my opinion about it.

I downloaded the app: Spartan Home Workout – No Equipment from Pla. It has an iOS version too. I quickly set up my account. It was easy. A few personal details and I was good to go.

The plan was to build my muscles in a few weeks by sticking to the routines suggested by the app. It creates a personalized training plan for each individual. Also, it has a nutritional section where you can organize your daily diets and calories consumed. I simply had to choose between the pro version and the ordinary to get started. Of course, there were differences.

What the app offers

  • Well, kudos to the creators of this app. It’s pretty easy to use. Also, it has a good user interface that is appealing to the eye and clear to understand.
  • Okay, this part is key. It has two training plans. There is an option to go pro or continue free. The free version has a few routines and exercises that are available on it. But one needs to upgrade to enjoy more.
  • You could choose between the three difficulty levels. I chose the intermediate level which was pretty tough for me but I loved it. I also loved how it challenged me.
  • I found out that it had lots of options to choose from; 10 simple but effective exercises that could help one build the body without seeming too stressful, 12 muscle categories, over 140 different exercises that could help anyone keep fit and build the body.

Adding a background tune to the exercises would be a great idea. Users would find it more relaxing during exercises. This will improve the mental rewards of working out and help increase endurance during each routine. Also, there were many adverts during the rest periods. The break should be used for rest, not too much sales marketing. At most the advert should just be reduced. This would help the users so much, psychologically.

The best part of the app is that anyone can create a custom routine depending on personal preferences.

get it on google playRating: 9/ 10
Price: Free

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