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How to Transfer iPhone Photos to PC without iTunes

It is often discomforting if you are unable to transfer your iPhone photos to your PC device because they are not of the same brand or having to go through the rigorous process of going through your iTunes. The need to transfer your iPhone photos to your PC cannot be overemphasized, it helps for effective backup of your photos, it ensures you to easily share the photos, enables further editing of your photos, to mention but a few.

The Microsoft Windows 10 Photo App already makes provision for this by allowing the transfer of photos from iPhone devices through the use of a USB cable. The “import from a USB device” option allows you to pick the items you want to import from your apple device, but this option has its shortcomings. For instance, you can only select and import photos from the camera roll, selection from other applications like Instagram, Snapchat, and so on, are not included. Also, High-Efficiency Image Format enabled in iPhones cannot be converted if you use this method.


Flowing from this, I want to recommend WinX MediaTrans, the unique iPhone manager that lets you flexibly control your files without the need to install iTunes and its components. The MediaTrans connects your PC with iPhone, iPad or iPod by enabling a direct two-way transfer through an easy copy and paste method. This manager recognizes your photo by albums and from other apps and sources like Camera Roll, Recently Deleted file, Favourites folder, Selfies, Live Photos, Portraits, Screenshots, Instagram, Snapchat, and so on.

In addition, the MediaTrans manager allows you to export HEICs as the original version, gives you a faster connection, and helps you to group videos according to time (based annually, monthly, daily, or none of the above). Other features of this management program include a two-way transfer of songs between Windows and iPhone through auto-converting music to MP3 or AAC version, transfer of videos between iDevices and Windows through auto-converting video format and compressing the video sizes for Apple devices, backing up photos to PC and back at an extremely fast pace, easy transfer of eBooks or audiobooks by converting EPUB to PDF or TXT for iPhone and Windows, easy synchronization and management of files without iPhone limitations, saving and storing documents in words, PDF or excel files with encryption and so on. Get WinX MediaTransfer for free to transfer iPhone data

MediaTrans app

To get the benefits from this manager and enjoy seamless transfer of iPhone photos to your devices, ensure to follow these easy steps. First, connect your iPhone to your computer and run the WinX MediaTrans. Then you check the category of photos you want to transfer from your iPhone to PC all at once. Then you click on transfer or import. If you want to make use of Windows 10, you can simply run the process by connecting your phone to the computer with the USB cable, search from the photo app and click on “Import from USB device”.

In conclusion, the WinX MediaTrans should be the software application you should consider using if you want to enjoy the extensive use of your device. Its features are strategically designed to suit your convenience. If you purchase this bundle, you are safe from brute-force attacks on your passwords, and your iPhone music playlist is safeguarded. Get Full Version of WinX MediaTrans

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