Typewise – Smart Keyboard for Smartphones

Have you ever typed a text and sent it before realizing that you made a mistake. I’m pretty sure that you didn’t like it. Sometimes these typo errors sneak into our neatly written text and construe the meaning of our message.

Whether you are sending a random text, typing an academic paper, or just writing a blog post, you need a smart keyboard that will make your work error-free. There are many keyboard apps online to choose from. This depends on the need you want to solve with it.

Typewise is a smart keyboard app that reduces the percentage of errors in any text/message.

Besides, it has many features that are way better than what is available on other apps. Let me show you some of the advantages of using Typewise:

Spacious Keys

As a futuristic app, it factored in that the world is changing with technologies and better practices. The layout of the letters of the keyboard is more spacious than normal. It has bigger letters to reduce typo errors caused due to overlapping letters or little space between two letters.

Customize your own

Typewise has a lot of cool themes to add flair to your typing experience. It has two different layouts and many themes to enable you to model it however you want. The themes have different color variants to choose from. My best is always black

Strong Privacy

This app does not take your privacy lightly. It was designed in a way to let you type error-free texts without fear that you are being watched. No need for any permissions, unlike the majority of typing apps. 

Some of these apps go as far as asking for permission to your browser history which they most likely will sell to third parties.


It has a unique style of deleting texts that have become cool and much fun. You can clean off or delete what you do not want on it. By swiping your finger across the screen, it deletes the text thereby saving time and energy for you.

Voice to Text

Also, the app has a voice to text feature. It just types out what you say and it has a very smart word prediction ability. This voice to text solves a lot of typing problems like the time you would need to retype it.

Free trial

Users can choose between the free version and the premium that can only be accessed with the pro version. The free version allows you to type but there are features that can only be accessed. The premium version has even more exciting options. You could decide to subscribe to the premium to enjoy more features. 

Some of these features

  • Typing in multiple languages without switching to the particular language platform.
  • It activates additional themes and so much more.
  • Has the vibration function when typing.
  • Personalized word suggestions to save your time.

Typewise is specifically made for people who don’t want typos to ruin their text messages and who want to become next-generation typers.


Rating: 10/ 10
Price: Free

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