Nimbus Note – Organized and On the Go!

Fairly Functional and extremely easy to use! 

Effective management of time and information requires tools that facilitate the same. We all have been in a situation where an amazing idea strikes us, and if we don’t jot it down there and then, it will be all but lost. Such a tool must make it easy to capture these critical moments and, equally as efficiently, retrieve them with ease.

You get that and more with Nimbus Note – Notes and TODO. This app comes to us from FVD Media Limited, who has compiled a set of functions that makes taking notes, keeping them organized and making them accessible in a way that increases productivity and effectiveness tenfold. Nimbus Note allows users to create text, by typing, drawing, speaking or videotaping, file them away for future use and offers the ability to assign tasks related to those notes, so they are not forgotten.

Nimbus Note app

Professionals, students, homemakers and more can find immense value in this tool because of its ease of use and wide applicability.

  • Professionals can organize thoughts and ideas that arise throughout the day and them assemble each by project, by priority or by time, depending on what works best. Actions that need to take place related to each note can then be created and assigned reminders and due dates, so thoughts are not “lost.”
  • Students attending multitudes of study groups and lectures can capture ideas and information with ease by recording audio and video. Time is not wasted typing away while listening to lectures or discussions. Students can engage in the now and revisit their notes later at their own pace.
  • Homemakers who are no less busy than anyone else often find themselves in cars dashing from place to place. As ideas and thoughts related to events and planning present themselves, it’s easy to just record them on the go and focus on them later in the day to further define what needs to be done and when.

Using Nimbus Note is especially easy. The interface is clear and simple. You can create/edit a note. Then you can organize them by folders. The neat thing about Nimbus Note is the ability to create subfolders as well. A great application for this is keeping a Kids folder and then keeping subfolders for each child.

A note can then be assigned Tags, so finding it is easy. Tags could be “home”, “meeting”, a project id or anything that distinctly describes that note and makes it easy to retrieve when performing a search. Notes can be locked and protected from inadvertent deletion through the lock screen function. Add to the Note a TODO list that corresponds to it so that things related to that thought or idea get done. Overall, the app is fairly functional and extremely easy to use. The best feature is the ability to record audio and video, because sometimes you just don’t have the time or freedom to type. However, what would be kind of nice is the ability to email a note to yourself or someone else, so you can share ideas if need be.

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