Insta Square Maker – Use Instagram with Ease

It is very simple and straightforward!

Insta Square Maker seeks to achieve only one purpose: to ensure that all your photos get to Instagram safely and fully without first having to crop them. It is easy to use and comes with everything that you need to work on any type of photo that’s taken from your phone. Using Insta Square Maker will ensure that you can easily upload any type of photo to Instagram after a few taps on your screen. Let’s take a look at what you get with this app.

Just like the name suggests, this app aims at ensuring that you can be able to easily manipulate your photos for easy sharing on social apps. The main inspiration for this app was Instagram, where users were forced to crop the photos depending on the aspect ratio before they could be uploaded. This app enables users to work around this limitation and still upload the full photo without missing any detail. For the extra slim photos, you may find that the photo may shrink after manipulation and distort the images. In such cases, the app allows you to add a background on the top and bottom (or sides) of the photo to complete the area and make the rectangle a square.

Insta Square Maker

Using this app is very simple and straightforward. You won’t need to be an expert with Photoshop before you can use this app. All you need is a supported android phone and you’ll be ready to modify and upload your photos to Instagram. After downloading and installing this app, the next step is running the application. The first screen that you’ll see after launching this app is a simple screen with two options. You can either choose to go direct to your phone’s gallery or you can choose to first go to the gallery. Naturally, you’ll first go to the settings. In the settings screen, you can view the licenses or you can adjust the resolution. Lowering the resolution helps fix errors that can leave you unable to load or save selected images.

When you choose the second option, you’ll be taken straight to your gallery where you can choose the photos you would like to work on. You can use the menu button to go to the phone’s camera if you would like to capture a photo. After choosing the photo, you will be taken to the next screen where you can make any necessary modifications before you upload. What’s more? You can be able to upload the photos after you have saved them directly from inside this app.

Insta Square Maker

The fact that the app enables you to share the edited photos straight from inside the app makes Insta Square Maker a perfect and unique choice for anybody who is looking for an app for sharing photos using social apps. It’s also very simple and easy to use for users of almost all ages.

For an app as well designed as this, it’s very hard to find even one negative aspect. The only thing that developers should consider doing to future versions of this app is adding more features. Currently, the app is a little bit too plain. Nonetheless, it does its job well and there are no complaints.

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