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amicable coparenting Makes Your Co-parenting Easy

When it comes to co-parenting, the stress of managing children and your daily activities does not come with ease. That is why modern technology is designed to make your parenting easy and swift – amicable coparenting app.

With the amicable coparenting, you can share custody of your ex-spouse, keep track of your children schedules, pickups and returns, classes, and much more, plus a healthy way to keep the lines of communication open with your ex.

Sometimes it is not easy for both parents to cooperate after divorce. That is why this app minimizes the impact of your separation on your children and let you thrive.

Benefits of Using the amicable coparenting App

  • Bits of Advice:

This co-parenting app ensures that parents do not suffer from the shock of divorce. That is why they offer expert advice and access coaches that are accessible.

  • Scheduling Calendar

amicable coparenting can manage parenting schedules, medical history, and other vital calendars that can be stored and shared between parents. You can use the share care schedules for thorough guidance and spend quality time with kids.

amicable coparenting
  • Create Co-Parenting Goals

This app allows you to set personal goals and shared the plan with your ex-partner. This is to ensure that the future of your kids is well managed and every expectation is fulfilled. You can either use the pre-filled suggestions on the most common parenting topics or create your own bespoke goals unique to your family set-up.

  • Secure Messaging Platform

With the secure inbuilt messaging, you can communicate with your co-parent on all aspects of parenting. More importantly, you can track conversations with your ex-partner.

  • Invitation

The fact that you have separated from your partner does not mean that both of you do not have anything in common. That is why the amicable coparenting allows you to your ex-partner for the co-parenting task. You can schedule a day and time to talk about special characters in your children with this app.

  • Regular Co-Parenting Advice Via Email

Unlike every other app, the amicable app gives co-parenting newsletter and support on how to co-parent. Typical topics include introducing new partners to your children, how to organize your children’s birthday party with your ex, co-parenting at Christmas, etc.

After trying this app on several occasions and its features, we can say that it is worth the hype. As it interphase is easy to navigate through and managed. More to it is the free one month access to several of it feature before committing. Honestly, as stated, the amicable coparenting app is the only app on the market that includes human support combined with beautifully designed tools to make your co-parenting easy.


Rating: 8/ 10
Price: Free

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