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Drish – An Adventure Game You Can Play All Day

When you are in no mood to work and feel like taking a break from the fast-paced digital world, mobile games are the best alternatives to relax your mind and unwind. While there are so many play store games out there, there are only a handful of games that will give you the pleasure of playing and the satisfaction of winning. They are the best way to examine your reflexes. Though there are a variety of action games like shooting games, fighting games, adventures, platform games, and many more, “Drish – The Challenge: Rabbit Action Adventure game” brought to you by Loovgames is a keeper.

We all admit that rabbits are soft, fluffy, remarkably cute animals with their wiggly tiny noses. Anyone would instantly be mesmerized with their big beautiful eyes and would love to squish them. However, Drish, the rabbit featured in the game is savage and yearns to explore the world. Get ready to be blown away by this 2 D hardcore action and adventure game. The game is full of new challenges, obstacles, and traps. Overcoming all of the aforesaid unpredictable situations to win the game gives you the pleasure of playing a game that is worth your time.


Drish, the main character, has been locked away in jail for many years. Several enemies want to catch him as he attempts to escape. You, taking the place of Drish, have to combat the enemies by dodging their traps and ultimately find the key to unlock subsequent levels. Every level demands you to solve enthralling puzzles to escape and find your way to the next. Throughout the journey, you will find boxes that contain coins to obtain new weapons and accessories.

Key game features

Simple and entertaining

Unlike other action games, there is no need to go through pages of instructions to help you begin. You just have to download “Drish – The Challenge: Rabbit Action Adventure game” from the play store, install it and tap play to start. The game is as simple as it sounds. If you experience hiccups anywhere in the game, instructions will help you.

Multiplayer game with multiple levels

Starting from the simplest of the puzzles, the difficulty level increases as you advance up the levels. The more difficult a level is the more interesting and challenging it gets to progress to the next level. You can play alone or with your friends.

Wonderful music and graphics

This 2D Adventure Action game offers you the best gaming experience with various modes. The music collection is so soft soothing that you would not feel like turning the background sound off. If you feel otherwise, you can go to settings and turn the music and game sound off instantly.

Free and offline

The game is absolutely free to download and play. Also, it does not demand an active internet connection. 

Though the ads that appear in the middle might annoy you by hindering the flow, this addictive game is worth every second of your valuable time.

get it on google playRating: 8.5/ 10
Price: Free

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