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Cartogram- Indoor Maps Explores the World Around You

Cartogram indoor maps is similar to Google Maps but it is exclusively indoors. The app requires Bluetooth and location to be turned on. The app begins with a tutorial mode that allows to explore a nearby location. For example, the apps tutorial for me was a large mall that is nearby. It allows me to see what stores are inside and to go inside those stores and explore them. You are also able to search for products within the store by using the search tab at the top of the screen. This search does a mini Google search and finds the products or similar products for you. You also have the option to skip the tutorial and jump right into the app. This nice thing about this option is that the tutorial is accessible at any time.

The main home screen of the app gives you three options to login. The first od through Facebook which allows your account to be directly linked to your Facebook profile. This cust down the sign up times and is an easy way to use Cartogram. The second is through email which takes a little more time than the Facebook sign up. The third option is to go view indoor maps right away.

The map itself is powered by Google and begins with a large Google Earth look at the world. You can find a specific place by using the location option or use the search tab. If you are logged in you can see who is nearby and open up chat to have a conversation with them. There is also an option to see what stores and other businesses are nearby. You can click on one of the businesses and the map will take you directly there. Once you are at the location on the map it shows you exactly what the layout is. For example, a mall will show where every store is inside.

One downside to this app is the amount of legal notices and fine print that is associated. The very first thing that pops up when using this app is user agreement which is not written in laymens terms. It would be beneficial if this app would summarize the user agreement and make it more accessible and understandable for the users of this app. The user agreement is always available to be read and it accessible on the left side of the app, however it is long and a summary would make it seem more user friendly.

The menu on the left side of the screen gives you the option to refresh the map, view the tutorial, read all legal notices, view the help tab and send a feature request. One of the most interesting pieces of this tab is the send a feature request. This gives you the opportunity to send in feedback about what you think would make this app better. For example, if you think it would be better to have more color in the map you can send this information in and it may go into effect if it feasible.

Overall, this app is user friendly and makes it easier to navigate in large buildings such as malls.

get it on google playRating: 8.5/10

Price: Free

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