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Sweet Candy- Next Gen Puzzle is a strategy puzzle game. It has the feel of Candy Crush Saga with the strategy of a Block Mover game. The candies are similar to those in Candy Crush Saga, but the gameplay reflects Block Mover. The premise of the game is simple: Collect the candies to unlock the gate. Once all of the candies are collected the gate will light up and you can complete the level. Sweet Candy-Next Gen Puzzle for Android is a challenging, puzzle strategy game which can keep you entertained for hours.

The game follows the typically format of a puzzle game. The goal is to collect the candies in order to unlock the gate. The game contains blue and white blocks that resemble an ice cube and serves as barriers for your candy. The game begins with instructions for how to play. The format on the first puzzle is:

  1. An image of the candy that represents you.
  2. Images of the candies you need to collect.
  3. A faded version of the gate you need to reach in order to pass the level.
  4. A message indicating that the less moves you use per level the more stars you will earn.

The number of stars you earn and the levels you complete determine what levels and chapters become unlocked. Each chapter requires about 33 stars to become unlocked and each level has the possibility of earning you 3 stars. There are five slots for chapter on the main page with a more coming soon banner. Each of the chapters contains about 12 levels with varying degrees of difficulty.

The first chapter contains the basic game play with no new treats until the very beginning of the second chapter. The element that is added into the second chapter continues throughout the entire chapter. It contains arrows that allow your candy to move in only one direction and disrupts the flow established in the first chapter. The second chapters arrows are in addition to the ice blocks of the first chapter. This adds another level of difficulty to this puzzle game.

Sweet Candy-Next Gen Puzzle is a fun, strategic game which can keep you entertained and engaged for hours. However, it can becomes a bit boring if you are unable to unlock a level. The game does not include any hints, tips, or power-ups of any kind which limits its potential. Sweet Candy is a very basic versions of Candy Crush Saga and Block Mover and lacks the excitement of the striped candies and other bonuses that are offered in Candy Crush Saga. Its simplistic form is more similar to Block Mover. The game itself does not offer ways to skip over levels and does not offer power ups to make levels easier.

Sweet Candy- Next Gen Puzzle for Android is a challenging, exciting and addictive game. It is a combination of two beloved games (Candy Crush Saga and Block Mover) with a fun candy twist and a moving ball of candy. The game does not include, hints, tips or bonuses of any kind but it perfect for those die-hards who want to complete the levels themselves.

get it on google playRating: 10/10

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