Personalize your Workouts with Tabata HIIT. Interval Training

You may have heard about the Tabata or the high interval intensity training if you are on this page. I would like to give you a small intro before diving into other details. The Tabata high interval intensity training has gained popularity in recent years and it is a 4 minutes cycle of intense training. This means, you have a 20 seconds exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest; total of 30 seconds, that you repeat 8 times to complete the 4 minutes cycle. Now if you are looking into this training, you may wonder how to keep track of the time, schedule and the exercises. This is where the Tabata HIIT. Interval Training app comes into play.

Tabata HIIT. Interval Training app is a simple to use app that is available for android users on the play store, free of charge. This app has been built in a way that it can be linked to another app that most trainers would want to use; the Sportsman PRO. It has a simple and friendly interface that most users will be comfortable with using. There are a lot of options to personalize the standard training workouts and to create own workouts.

The Tabata HIIT. Interval Training is very easy to set up. Just download and open the app. You will be taken to a screen where you will see a list of training schedules already set up in the Standard tab that you can use straight away or modify according to your interests before using. You can also build a training schedule from scratch on the Own tab where you add a title and add your favourite exercises to set up your training schedule. You have the flexibility to alter these schedules in both standard and own tabs by adding or removing any of the already added exercises to suit your goal. Entering the height and weight will show on screen how many calories you will burn when following a particular schedule.

Tabata HIIT

The features of the Tabata HIIT. Interval Training app are simple yet good in the sense they are built in a way that it can be used by novice users who have limited knowledge in technology and apps in general. There are six inbuilt training plans, which are abs workout, butt and thigh, lower body, upper body, fat burning and ideal body.

The standard inbuilt training plans are carefully designed to incorporate exercises that will focus on the part of the body that is mentioned in the plan. For example, if you choose Upper body training plan, the standard exercises incorporated into it are the different pushups that will help you work out the upper part of your body whereas if you choose the training plan for Lower body, you will see lunges, squats and other related exercises relating to building up the lower parts of your body.

The app has a timer that you can run during your 20 seconds workout and 10 seconds rest and it is easier for you to follow through the workout session and rest session as they have different music for each. You can set up flexible schedules for each day of the week and work your way to training around your busy schedule. There are reminders that can help you avoid missing out on your workouts and the calories counter will keep you motivated.

Another feature that will be of interest to some users is the sync option with Google Fit, backing up data on to Google Drive and linking this app to Sportsman PRO.

A short introduction of what Tabata HIIT. Interval Training is, what one can expect out of the training and the discipline that needs to be followed while on this training program would be greatly beneficial.

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