Jot – The Pillar to Outstanding Write-ups

Taking notes is easy. Remembering to check what you noted down? Not so much, especially when you get caught up in so much that event overtakes thinking. Of course, it would make a huge difference if there was something that could trigger your memory and help remind you about this information right?

And there is Jot! An app that allows you to take notes really fast with just a few clicks. The exquisite design of the Jot app allows for the usual note-taking and checklist creating a process which can be easily accessed through the notification feature that brings its uniqueness to another level. Ideas have been lost and occurrences are forgotten not because you might have chosen to neglect the little details involved, but the absence of a tool or platform ( rather than the common pen and paper jotting) that can easily be used in jotting down these details and can be utilized when information retrieval comes to mind.  An exclusive feature of the Jot app is the floating window. The floating window design and technology takes into account conveniences, ease, utility and organization of files. Just like chatting notifications and the reminder it gives when messages come in, the floating window on Jot makes editing, recovering, and utilization of already jotted information easy.

When making notes and checklist get easier, what else could be as fascinating as having the freedom to organize checklists and notes in folders! The Jot app contains folders for archive and new notes. With the organizational input in the Jot design, different topics can easily be characterized and arranged in folders. Imagine being a musician, scriptwriter, poet or a motivational speaker, these professions entails allowing the flows of ideas and inspiration. And In the heart of doing what you love is the right tool, fit for customizing groups of related written works and capable of notifying users about written contents. JOT app makes it possible for users to choose and adjust the content quality and display to fit their tastes. Written items can be displayed in both portrait and landscape format and the app theme can easily be adjusted at any point in time to accommodate better vision. Just like modern PDF reading apps, works written in the Jot app can be highlighted to show the level of significance of a particular word or statement, and web address, email address, telephone numbers, can all be converted to links when using the app.

Nevertheless, there are limitations to using the app. One visible limitation is graphic content. The home page graphics design could be improved for better app-user experience.

The efficiency the Jot app breathes into a simple writing task is complimented by the launcher attribute built in it. Like a military launcher having missiles mounted on it, frequently used smartphone apps can be added to the Jot Launcher. It has the capacity to mount up to four apps which can be added by slotting in preferable apps on the launcher icon and activating the launcher once done.  The beauty of the launcher feature is that it appears in the floating window whenever your phone comes up and notifications flow in.

get it on google playRating: 9/ 10
Price: Free

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