Play Heroes, and Go on an Adventure in the Desert

Matching patterns seems easy; maybe that is why many people love match3 games. But with Heroes, it is both exciting and adventurous. This special game looks like a typical puzzle game, except that you are not matching the patterns to build or prevent a wall. You are playing to overcome a monster that is terrorizing the caravan.

How to Play

Many lovers of match3 games will find Heroes unique, yet, the rules are the same. The adventure game has six different types of tiles you can match. You match successfully if you have at least three of a kind on a vertical or horizontal line. Like other match3 games, matching is cascading. Therefore, if you get one set right, it will trigger a chain effect. But unlike other games, you are not just matching patterns to earn points or to stop walls. Each set of tiles you match successfully will determine how the two heroes assigned to you to fight a monster will react. That is the major aim of the game.

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Maybe, that is where we should have started. For each game level, you have two heroes and a foe. The ultimate aim is to direct your heroes to conquer the enemy. To achieve this you will be given three chances to match the tiles on the board. Aim at matching the red swords so that one of your heroes, a fully armored knight with a sword, will strike the monster and reduced its life. If you prefer the other hero to attack, then, match three yellow hammers. Your second hero, a Viking with a powerful hammer will strike and take more life out of the enemy. Matching other patterns also has different rewards. If you match three shields, you will have some protection against the impact of the enemy’s attack, and matching vials will heal you and restore part of your lost hit points. Matching coins will earn you coins that can be used later for power upgrading. If the sword or the hammer is matched automatically, it will give your next strike more power. Matching four or five similar tiles will also trigger more exciting features.

However, you have only three chances to match the patterns, then the enemy will strike, of course, except if you can kill it with your three attempts. If you survive the enemy’s attack, then you will have another three chances to match the patterns and attack the monster. It will continue like that until you conquer or are conquered.

Why it is So Special

You will love the clear graphics of this game, the soundtrack is also excellent, yet your major concern will be to survive the powerful attacks and progress to the next level. Heroes has sixty levels. As you progress the enemy’s attack becomes more dangerous and the tiles become more difficult to match. Therefore, the game requires more than being skilled in matching patterns to win. You must also have good decision-making capability. You must know when to match the patterns to attack or to earn protection. The fact that the pattern movement is cascading also means you must know how to match patterns such as to obtain favorable chain effects.

Certainly, Heroes is more than a match3 game, it is an action-packed adventure that will challenge your intelligence and skills.

get it on google playRating: 8.5/ 10
Price: Free

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