Convert Your Tweets to Beautiful Instagram Pictures with InstaTweet App

So, you are as active on Twitter as you are on Instagram – that is great! But how do you post your tweets to Instagram? You don’t have to take screenshots and crop. You don’t need to get frustrated by different unyielding approaches. As your tweets are wonderful, then present them in beautiful forms to your Instagram followers. Remember, they love to see beautiful things from you. But that is now easier than ever before, all thanks to InstaTweet, an application that helps you convert your tweets to pictures.

With InstaTweet, all you need is your tweet URL and the app will generate a beautiful image of the tweet. So, how do you get started?

  • Download The Application

InstaTweet works perfectly with both android and apple devices. You can download it on your android phone, tablet, iPhone, or iPad. It is available for free download on the Google Play Store for Android devices and Apple store for Apple users. Don’t be scared of the free value of the app. There are no adverts so you can enjoy the apple the way you enjoy premium products. It is also only 12 MB on android, hence you won’t need to delete any application for it.

  • Let InstaTweet Convert Your Tweet to Image?

InstaTweet is super easy to use. After tweeting, just copy your tweet URL, and then open InstaTweet app on your phone. Once the app is launched, it will request the URL of the tweet you want to convert to a picture. Paste it and half of the job is done already. The app will immediately convert your tweet to a lovely picture, ready to be shared on Instagram. But before you share you will have the option to change the background and also change from the default light mode to dark mode. You can try different background, and the two possible modes, preview the image before you finally settle for the background and mode you love most.

  • Proudly Share Your Image

The next and final step is to share your beautiful pictures. Even though the primary target is Instagram, you can as well share your image on other platforms like Whatsapp, email, Facebook, or with other devices through Bluetooth or Shareit. You will love what InstaTweet will generate, so you will be proud to share it. But if you are not ready to share yet, you can easily save the image in your phone gallery and use it any way you like later.

The entire process takes a very short time. Maybe a couple of minutes, maybe even less. It will be faster to use InstaTweet to convert your tweets to pictures than to even take a screenshot of the tweet and crop it. Yet, the difference in quality is so glaring. The fact that you will be sending the picture directly from the app to your Instagram feed makes it even faster and surely among the best options available today.


Rating: 8/ 10
Price: Free

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